AZmed selected by GE Healthcare to optimize the workflow for radiologists using Deep Learning

AZmed, French Healthcare Association member, is proud to announce its partnership with GE Healthcare (one of the world leaders in medical imaging) to integrate their AI solutions into the Edison platform in order to improve patient care.

Azmed has developed the “Rayvolve” software which is capable of detecting fractures on x-rays thanks to a machine learning system. This technology optimizes the workflow for radiologists and detects fractures in real-time.
Rayvolve receives the radiographs sent from the PACS (medical image server), then downloads and analyzes them before returning the original radiographs with a duplicate in less than a second. This duplicate is an AI-annotated X-ray image that provides information to radiologists to aid in fracture detection.

Rayvolve is the first French algorithmic AI tool to be CE marked for use in radiology. It has already analyzed more than three million x-rays which have been collected, labeled and used to train the machine learning system. It has a sensitivity of 96% (ability to correctly detect the fracture) with a specificity greater than 86% (ability to correctly detect the absence of a fracture).

Rayvolve is already used by more than 50 medical imaging centers in France.

Developed by and for radiologists, this tailor-made software allows:

  • optimizing the workflow of physicians;
  • reducing the risk of diagnostic errors;
  • improving patient care.

By adopting Rayvolve, radiologists and emergency physicians benefit from AI software that can reduce interpretation time by 36% and the number of medical errors by 20%.

If you want to know more about this unique partnership, read this article.

To discover Rayvolve, schedule a demo here.