Being a catalyst for the French offer in digital health”: a new member explains his motivations!

With 220 members – companies and healthcare institutions – in November, French Healthcare Association continues its strong growth. New member, Enovacom, through the voice of its export sales director Simon Chassain, expressed its expectations.

Why did you decide to join French Healthcare Association?

Within Orange Group, Enovacom is a software publisher 100% dedicated to health. Our software enables healthcare institutions to facilitate the exchange and sharing of health data within the hospital information system and between hospitals on a regional or national scale. We have had an international business since 2015.  Very recently, we launched a new offer to digitize the patient’s journey in connection with the Hospital. This illustrates our new strategy of moving towards user solutions that allow healthcare professionals to save time in order to improve patient care (Saving time for care). French Healthcare Association is for us the opportunity to have a collective approach, “in pack”, and to be more visible among the French health offer.

Which project(s) in particular will you be working on?

The workshop on under-medicalized areas is of particular interest to us. Together with Orange Group, we want to show how telecommunications can facilitate the deployment of offers in under-medicalised areas. More broadly, we want to help the association to structure the French offer in e-health, to make it more readable on the international market.

By nature, our solutions promote collaboration and communication between different e-health solution providers; we can act as a catalyst for the French digital health offer.

The fact that a representative of the Ile-de-France Regional Council (Cédric Arcos) is participated in the last meeting of the workshop on under-medicalized areas, on November 26, shows that this approach concerns of course export but also France! 

So membership of French Healthcare Association is also useful for large companies, as well as SMEs?

For Enovacom (250 people) as for Orange, the French Healthcare system provides interesting visibility into areas that we have not activated. And makes it possible to rely on France’s diplomatic network abroad, which is particularly important in some countries. For example, we recently made the trip to Saudi Arabia with BPI France / Business France, and found that the diplomatic network has all its importance to make the link with this country.