3 pitch sessions featuring french leading companies, during the MEDICA fair trade

On the occasion of the 2021 Medical trade fair, 3 pitch sessions showcasing innovative French Healthcare Association members of the French delegation, were shooted and released on the Medica online plateform.
All you need to know about :

  • health, sports & rehabilitation
  • remote diagnosis, monitoring and surveillance
  • artificial intelligence in medical imaging

French breakthroughs in health, sports & rehabilitation

📌MAD-UP is a French Startup specialized in muscular physiology. Introducing how MAD-UP can help optimising muscle strength in Health, Sports & Rehabilitation

📌 eBIODY : Smart Health Analysis, Connected Health Solutions: Bioimpedance technology in sports.

📌 NORAKER is dedicated to developing the most innovative #biomaterials to preserve the quality of the bony structure. With their range of products and projects developments, they aim to contribute to the transition of #orthopaedic surgery towards regeneration discipline.

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French breakthroughs in remote diagnosis, monitoring and surveillance

📌 ExactCure: ExactCure’s Digital Health solution helps to properly use drugs. Their Digital Twin simulates the concentration of drugs in the blood of a patient based on his/her personal characteristics in order to avoid under-doses, overdoses and drug-drug interactions. Their goal is to become the worldwide reference in personalized medication simulations.

📌WeMed: Connected medical devices already exists, but at excessive cost and mostly dedicated to professionals. WeMed’s objectives are to move the line in telemedecine with its universal connected medical devices (the first one is stethoscope named SKOP), used with all telemed platform and also with WhatsApp, Zoom, etc. At affordable price…

📌Quantiq This software solution extends any camera, webcam or smartphone to make it a Medical Device for telemetry and automated diagnoses. A single shot of a few seconds is enough to get pulse, respiratory rate and more.

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French breakthroughs in artificial intelligence in medical imaging

📌Intrasense Solutions for advanced visualization and universal 3D post-processing, to accelerate and optimize medical image interpretation. We provide all our partners and health professionals with the best visualization solutions tailored to their projects. Thanks to Myrian® unique and innovative features, Intrasense plays a key role for its partners in supporting them in various fields such as biomarker development, artificial intelligence (AI), deep-leaning, etc.

📌AZmed: To help doctors improve their workload as well as patient care, AZmed developed Rayvolve, a computer-aided diagnosis tool able to detect all types of fractures on standard x-rays.

📌Milvue has successfully brought deep learning algorithms into the daily medical workflow. In 2020, they launched the Milvue Suite with its first module, SmartUrgences, a certified medical device, comprehensive, efficient and transparent, and fully dedicated to facilitate triage and diagnosis on emergency X-rays. MilvueSuite is now enriched with the SmartXpert module, a patented innovative bundle of state-of-the-art deep learning algorithms to help radiologists in their daily routine.

📌 aiScreenings is dedicated to enabling ai-based diagnosis medical devices in ophthalmology and dermatology. Machine learning is used to improve medical diagnosis and learn from every interaction, so the more people use, the better it gets for everyone globally. aiScreenings delivers an integrated platform embedding medical devices enabling doctors, HCP software editors, private and public payors to provide artificial intelligence based medical screening services to their users.

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