Tesalys will implement a waste management project in North Macedonia following the call for export projects from the General Directorate of the Treasury

Tesalys, the Toulouse manufacturer of equipment for the treatment of infectious waste on site (DASRI) is one of the winners of the call for export projects “Innovative solutions for the decarbonization of essential services” by the Directorate General of the Treasury. As such, it will benefit from FASEP funding for the installation of a low-carbon STERIPLUS™ waste management system in North Macedonia.

The objective of the project is to set up an on-site waste management system that limits CO2 emissions linked to the treatment of this type of waste, namely their transport by heavy vehicles and then their incineration in factories. The STERIPLUS™ shredder-sterilizer system simply transforms biohazardous waste into harmless and unrecognizable waste which can then be disposed along with ordinary waste. Their integrated TESASHRED™ shredding system not only allows a consequent reduction in the volume and weight of waste, but also guarantees their treatment at heart.

Tesalys’s innovation consists in integrating an on-site waste crushing and sterilization process allowing a volume reduction of 65 to 80% and a saving of 0.46 teqCO2 per tonne of waste treated. This solution responds to environmental challenges and to control the risk of infection, in the context of a health crisis, and has significant potential for large-scale deployment.

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