Medexprim won the Best Real-World Hospital Data Management Platform award

Medexprim, an innovative company member of French Healthcare Association, was awarded at the 2021 Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards for its software suite that uses routine care data for therapeutic research purposes.

This comes shortly after having been awarded the Jury’s Favorite prize for its export development strategy at the 19th edition of the International French Tech Conference in November, 2021.

Established in 2015, Medexprim specializes in extracting real-world data for clinical research: routine care data from a network of thirty hospitals in Europe. 

“We aggregate clinical data documenting the progression of the disease. We analyze images in detail to predict whether the treatment will progress positively or negatively,” explains Romain Cazavan, CEO of Medexprim. 

Medexprim has developed a software suite that can tap into all sources of medical data (clinical, biological, pharmacological, and imaging data). These data are aggregated in a dedicated and secure clinical research setting, as per the GDPR. Once curated, they are anonymized and forwarded to specialists for analysis. 

“This is what we call a data lake,” continues Romain Cazavan. “Our job is to ensure its purity and quality. We proceed disease by disease so that the data are relevant and accurate.”

Their unique approach is used in both academic projects and projects sponsored by industry, mainly pharmaceutical firms. 

This approach is disruptive because they compile the four key data types (clinical, pharmacological, biological, and imaging) in one place, with the same standard of quality and a significant number of patients, so that they can be interpreted.

This innovation was named “Best Real-World Hospital Data Management Platform (Europe)” at the Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards in December 2021. 

Medexprim has always operated on an international scale. They are the European provider of regulatory-grade Real-World Imaging Evidence, specialized in data sourcing complex datasets. They build bridges between European hospitals & pharmaceutical companies to accelerate clinical research.

The MedTech firm believes it is vital that university hospitals in Europe all speak the same language. Sharing information across Europe would enable the extension of databases to include several thousand patients, all afflicted by the same disease. The aim is also to reconcile the requirements of hospitals for their own research with those of the pharmaceutical industry. 

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