The Inovie Africa Foundation and INOVIE (Group) announce their partnership with the Hope Denguélé association

The Inovie Africa Foundation and INOVIE (Group), French Healthcare Association member, have concluded a partnership with the Hope Denguélé association.

Hope Denguélé is a charitable association that activates in Denguélé, in the north of Ivory Coast. Their mission is to facilitate access to quality healthcare for disadvantaged populations, as well as to strengthen access to education for disadvantaged children.

Following the signature of a cooperation agreement on the 3rd of January, 2022, INOVIE will support the association in the development of its activities. The partnership was concluded in the presence of Ousmane Toure, president of the association, Dr Thomas Hottier, CEO of Inovie, and Dr. Antoine Vinclair, President and CEO of the Inovie Africa Foundation. Thanks to their foundation, Inovie was able to provide assistance to several hospitals and associations in Africa and Middle East.

Inovie Africa Foundation

Inovie Group has created the Inovie Africa Foundation to make diagnosis more accessible to patients in Middle East and Africa, regions where the company is mainly activating. Their conviction is that the creation of a virtuous circle at the level of medical diagnosis will contribute to more optimal management of the patient during his care.

Their missions :

  • improving access to training and increasing skills through scholarship programs and access to their last-generation technical platforms alongside the best specialists in their Group
  • networking with leading international experts
  • the establishment of assistance and entrepreneurship programs for young biologists

The Inovie Group

Created in 2010, the INOVIE Group, a member of the French Healthcare Association, is a major player in diagnostics representing 18% of private medical biology activity in mainland France and the overseas territories, and is also present internationally with laboratories in Lebanon, Morocco, Ivory Coast, and Cameroon. The INOVIE Group is made up of more than 530 local laboratory sites and more than 55 high-performance technical platforms, spread over 21 subsidiaries called LBM (LBM: Multi-site Biology Laboratories). With roots in 7 major regions of France, INOVIE’s 550 medical biologists and 6,500 employees treat more than 70,000 patients a day.

The mission of the INOVIE Group is to support and advise the patient throughout his care journey, to maintain and develop local medical biology with as many people as possible thanks to its large territorial network, but also to offer medical communities a service of excellence and innovation to participate in 100% of medical diagnostics tomorrow.

Partner of many clubs, federations, and high-level sports teams for many years, the Inovie Group also provides offers of innovative biology in sports biology.