The launch of the Digital Health Scale-up 2025 program

On the 7th of April, 2022, we participated in the launch event of the Digital Health Scale-Up 2025 program.

Co-organized by French Healthcare Association, Bpifrance, EIT Health, AI for Health, supported by the French Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs, and organized within the framework of the French Presidency of the Council of the European Union, the Digital Health Scale Up 2025 program aims to connect public and private stakeholders to foster the adoption and scale of digital health across Europe, and support the internalization of French eHealth start-ups.

During the presentations and round tables, the speakers shared the key challenges faced by the different stakeholders in the ecosystem, as well as the strategies and best practices for scaling digital health.

International development promotes the emergence of a successful digital health ecosystem and contributes to making France a leader in this field. Experience and best practice sharing is the key to strengthen the ecosystem and help start-ups take their first steps internationally.

“The company that has a good value proposition and expands internationally has a 50% better chance of succeeding than the others. This is why we have joined forces and created Digital Health Scale Up” Jean-Marc Bourez, Managing Director, EIT Health.

This is therefore the heart of the Digital Health Scale-Up 2025 program: a strong spirit of collaboration between the main players dedicated to transforming French eHealth startups into scale-ups, promoting exchanges towards innovation.

During the launch event, mentors and e-health experts shared their knowledge on the following topics:

➢ Following the opening speech of Martin Juillard, Deputy Director of Economic Diplomacy, who presents the initiatives of the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs, Digital Health Scale-Up 2025 continues with the presentation of the Digital Health acceleration strategy and conditions of access to the digital solutions market.

This program, presented by Aymeric Perchant, Director of Digital Health Projects at the Ministry of Solidarity and Health, aims to promote the emergence of a successful e-health ecosystem.

Jean-François Gendron, President of the French Healthcare Association, presents the main actors of the Digital Health Scale-up 2025 and the initiatives of the association, which supports the international development of its members.

 Digital Health Scale-up 2025

➢ Chahra Louafi, Director of the Fonds Patient Autonome-Bpifrance, introduces the Digital Health Scale-up 2025 program

The panorama of the European digital health market, the opportunities and challenges for our French talents and the challenges the European digital health companies are facing

  • Moderator: Jérôme Fabiano, External Affairs Manager – EIT Health France
  • Speakers:
  • Loïc Chabanier, Partner & Head of the health segment – EY
  • Anahid Ilias, Health Project Manager (Biotech & MedTech) – Business France
  • Erwann Tison, Director of Studies – Institut Sapiens

“The creation of European e-health giants, based on the networking of the various continental HealthTechs, will make it possible to create a strong and efficient digital health strategy in Europe.” Erwann Tison

 Digital Health Scale-up 2025

Presentation of the winning startups: Medexprim and Incepto, members of 🇫🇷 French Healthcare Association, among the 1st winners of the Digital Health Scale-up 2025, along with PrimaaArkhnSynapse Medicine and Implicity.

 Digital Health Scale-up 2025

➢ The mentors discussed the keys to international success:

  • Moderator: Bénédicte Huchet, Coordinator of the digital health system – Bpifrance
  • Speakers:
  • Hélène Mathieu, Senior Manager Deal Flow, Venture Center of Excellence – EIT Health France
  • Jean-Marc Filias, Orange Relations Director – Future4Care, Orange/ Enovacom
  • Daphné Richet-Cooper, Director of Bilateral Relations – Sanofi
  • Nicolas Folliot, Generic Export Director – Biogaran/ CCE
 Digital Health Scale-up 2025

How to take advantage of the opportunities on the market in order to succeed in your digital health scale-up?

Eric Carreel, Founding President – Withings

➢ Roundtable on best practices for international scale-up:

  1. First steps
  2. Actions to anticipate
  3. Actions to take
  • Moderator: Damien Gromier, CEO & Co-Founder – Startupinside & AI for Health
  • Arnaud Houette, Managing partner – Extens
  • Nicolas Godin, COO – Cardiologists
  • Guillaume Burkel, CFO – Archos
  • Vanessa Leroy, International Product Manager – Lifen
 Digital Health Scale-up 2025

➢ Are we heading towards a single market in digital health in Europe ?

  • Moderator: Albane Pariset, Public Affairs Manager – EIT Health France
  • Claire Nassiet, Deputy Managing Director, Education Manager and Project Director – EIT Health France
  • Aymeric Perchant, Director of Digital Health Projects – Ministry of Solidarity and Health
  • Thomas Serval, President co-Founder & CEO – Baracoda
  • Corinne Collignon, Head of Medical Device Evaluation / Digital Health Mission – HAS
 Digital Health Scale-up 2025

Digital Health Scale-up 2025, the program which aims to accelerate the European expansion of French start-ups in digital health, has already started to create links between the French and European E-health players and knowledge sharing between the start-ups, experts and institutions in the ecosystem.

The closing cocktail was a great networking opportunity between the participants. These exchanges are key to a successful scale-up in digital health.

 Digital Health Scale-up 2025
 Digital Health Scale-up 2025