Medical imaging, french excellence at each step in patient care

France, which is rightly considered a showcase for medical imaging, is teeming with start-ups, SMEs and major groups with international reputations, representing a world reference in imaging with genuine technical, technological and application expertise.
This ecosystem, rich in technology and know-how, is centered around the French Healthcare Association, which is dedicated to promoting this excellence internationaly.

Medical imaging “Made in France”, which is recognized worldwide for its excellence, has strong assets to consolidate its position as leader in the sector because it not only has the skills of its companies but can also rely on imaging professionals and learned societies recognized worldwide.
Medical imaging plays a key role in the care of each patient.

JFR 2022 congress : french excellence at each step in patient care

Patient care is at the heart of the concerns of medical imaging professionals, but it is above all at the heart of the patient experience for whom the priority is their diagnostic and therapeutic follow-up.

Today, the members of the French Healthcare Association are able to support all medical imaging professionals across the entire value chain of the patient journey. From making an appointment to the diagnostic report, including the production of the image and its interpretation in the best conditions of safety and results.
Discover who are the actors of this “Made In France” imaging movement showcasing at the JFR 2022 congress and visit them on their booths.

Who are the French modality manufacturers?

  • DMS Imaging – French manufacturer of high-end radiology and bone densitometry solutions, recognized worldwide with a strong national and international footprint. Dms Imaging manufactures for Carestream, Canon and FujiFilm, but also under its own brand in its French factories. Booth 229 – Level 2
  • Sonoscanner – French manufacturer of ultrasound scanners that are highly regarded by ERs, Radiologists and Specialists for their performance and image quality. This year, Sonoscanner will be present at the Ultrasound Village to present the Ondina, its new hybrid ultrasound scanner, IA Ready, a concentrate of the latest innovations made in France. SUV booth – level 1
  • Stephanix – French manufacturer of remote-controlled tables, Stephanix is specialized in the field of medical imaging and is present in more than 100 countries. Stephanix has a complete range of high-end medical imaging equipment. Its French know-how is worldwide recognized and certified “Origine France Garantie” for its D²RS remote-controlled tables. Booth 1N09 – level 1

Discover the pioneers of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in medical imaging

  • AZmed – the first French company to obtain the CE mark for an AI software in radiology. Its ambition is to optimize the workflow of physicians to improve their performance and the quality of care. Booth # FIA-7 – level 3
  • Gleamer – Publisher of BoneView, an AI that semi-automates the reading of trauma images. BoneView relies on powerful artificial intelligence algorithms to detect and localize lesions on medical images. By using GLEAMER, users can reduce errors and increase confidence in diagnosis, while saving time and improving reading comfort. Booth #FIA-1 – Level 3
  • Guerbet – Manufacturer of contrast media, medical devices and digital solutions for diagnostic and interventional imaging. Guerbet is also a pioneer in diagnostic assistance solutions based on artificial intelligence, and more specifically in diagnostic assistance for liver cancer. Booth #101 – level 1 and FIA-12 – level 3
  • Hera-MI – Publisher of Breast-SlimView, a patented AI-based decision support software for mammography and tomosynthesis. CE and FDA certified solution. Booth #225 C – level 2
  • Incepto is a provider and co-creator of artificial intelligence solutions in the field of medical imaging accessible through a single, integrated platformFIA booth – 4 level 3
  • Milvue Artificial Intelligence for radiology and emergencies. CE 2A certified solution in traumatology and thorax. Stand #FIA-2 – level 3

The essential editors and integrators digital solutions

  • Intrasense develops and markets a unique medical device, Myrian®, a software platform that facilitates and secures diagnosis, decision making and therapeutic follow-up. Thanks to Myrian®, more than 1,000 healthcare institutions in 40 countries benefit from a unique and integrated platform for reading all types of images (MRI, CT, etc.). Enriched with expert clinical applications embedding artificial intelligence for specific pathologies, Myrian® offers a universal image processing solution that can be integrated into all healthcare information systems.  Booth #213A
  • Softway MedicalPublisher, host and integrator of digital solutions for the healthcare industry. Softway Medical is committed to improving the performance of healthcare. Our belief: technology is a way to increase the potential of anyone who takes it. We believe in the richness of human potential and we place the healthcare professional at the heart of our commitment. We put innovation at their service, in order to provide them with tools capable of optimizing the practice of their profession, in the interest of the patient. Booth 1N07 (level 1)

Which cybersecurity solutions are essential to protect your infrastructures?

  • Verso Healthcare supports healthcare players in financing. Discover also predictive, preventive and curative cybersecurity solutions for medical imaging professionals and manufacturers, which will be presented at JFR. Booth 214, 215 (level 2)

Radiation safety experts and radiation safety training

  • Alara Group – Brings together all radiation expertise in one group for patient and worker protection, personalized medicine and predictive imaging. Booth 16 A (level 2)

Your reference in consumables and accessories for medical imaging

  • EDM Imaging supports hospitals, clinics and private practices by providing them with real know-how and the most advanced expertise in medical imaging with services, products and consumables specially designed to meet the requirements of medical imaging in a wide range of medical fields, including gynecology, cardiology, radiology, probe disinfection, draping and medical furniture. Booth 130 A (level 1)