DMS Group launches its strategic plan “Imaging 2027” with the ambition to become a key player of medical imaging in Europe

Diagnostic Medical Systems Group (DMS Group), French Healthcare Association member, announces its strategic plan called Imaging 2027, with the ambition to become a key player of medical imaging in Europe within the next five years.

Through its subsidiary DMS Imaging, DMS Group is today a French specialist and recognized player in medical imaging, with high-end imaging solutions dedicated to digital radiology and bone densitometry. This strategic plan aims to make DMS Group a leading and independent European medical imaging medtech, partner of the largest international medtechs and player in the consolidation of its market.


  • More than 60 M€ in turnover and 14% of EBITDA[1] margin by 2027 only through organic growth
  • Supporting the consolidation of the imaging sector through the conclusion of new strategic and/or financial alliances and partnerships with major players in the sector

Imaging 2027 relies on three strategic axes: innovationorganic growth & sector consolidation

  • Innovation: Platinum Néo and new high-end imaging solutions

Through its key products in radiology and bone densitometry, equipped with the most advanced technologies, DMS Group aims to bring more innovation and excellence to its medical imaging customers.

Over the past few years, DMS Group has built its development on its, Platinum and Optima X-ray tables, integrating the imaging software suite Adam which includes image processing capacities based on artificial intelligence (AI) and the most efficient innovative patient workflow management on the market.

Presented a year ago during the 2021 French Days of Radiology, the new Platinum Néo X-ray table, first solution available on the market including a “machine intelligence” engine, has been commercialized since 2022. It represents the high-end key product of the X-ray room segment for the next years. The Platinum Néo received the innovation prize during the 2021 French Days of Radiology and was just installed in a world-renowned reference site, the American Hospital of Paris.

In parallel, DMS Group started the development of two new high-end imaging solutions, a radiology mobile and a C-arm for operating rooms, which will be manufactured in France and will reinforce the product range of DMS Imaging by 2024 and 2025. These new solutions will support future growth and will bring innovation and intelligence, both to assist medical personnel but also for a better patient diagnosis.

In the framework of this project, DMS Group made a strategic partnership with the Australian company Micro-X to supply cold cathode X-ray tubes, a leading innovative technological solution, whose first integration tests are underway.

Called MC2, this structuring development project is financed by the French government as part of the Recovery Plan (Plan de Relance) and the Investments for the Future Program (Programme d’investissements d’avenir – PIA).

This project enters into the strategies for a better efficiency of the patient pathway (agile imaging going towards the patient), implemented in developed countries after the Covid-19 pandemic.

Finally, in bone densitometry, DMS Group aims to develop a new bone densitometers range in middle and high-end market segments, with higher added value and a high level of scientific validation. The Group’s ambition is to position these new solutions on the American market, first global market in bone densitometry, by 2025.

  • Organic growth: make DMS Group one of the main OEM partners worldwide

Over the past few years, DMS Group has been strongly reinforced with business experts from process industries. These new skills, associated to the historic teams’ savoir-faire, and the means offered by the modern production unit in Gallargues-le-Montueux will allow to serenely address the future challenges.

To this day, DMS Group is already the industrial partner of Canon Medical System Europe, Carestream Healthcare and Fujifilm Healthcare worldwide in the framework of white-label contracts. With Imaging 2027, the goal is to make DMS Group one of the main industrial partners of global imaging giants who are looking for better solutions for their digital conventional imaging.

In parallel, DMS Group aims to continue marketing its own-brand solutions to hospitals and radiology centers, both on its domestic market thanks to major referencing agreements with central purchasing agencies (UniHA, Ugap, Resah) who handle direct sales and distribution to public hospitals, but also through its network of 140 distributors in the world.

  • Sector consolidation: being a major European player in medical imaging

Beyond its important organic growth potential, DMS Group aims to be a leading player of the medical imaging sector consolidation movement as part of the Imaging 2027 plan in order to become a European leader in the sector.

In this perspective, the group would like to make new strategic and/or capital alliances to create a genuine French and European medical imaging industry (horizontal and vertical consolidation).

Moreover, the group would like to reinforce its shareholder base and find one or several reference shareholders to guide and support its development.

Today DMS Group is completely involved in the French Healthcare dynamic, as member of the board. French Healthcare is a brand supported by the ministry of Europe and foreign affairs aiming to promote French excellence in health and to export this excellence. DMS Group aims to actively contribute to the Imaging strategic committee, prospective authority depending on the prime minister, with the ambition to develop a French industrial sector and strengthen the position of imaging in patients care.

A new ambitious step for DMS Group

In the context of Imaging 2027, DMS Group has ambitious goals by 2027:

  • Reach a new growth milestone and aim for a turnover of at least 60 M€ (vs. 37.1 M€ in 2021 including 36.3 M€ for the DMS Imaging division);
  • Reach a new level of profitability and aim an EBITDA[2] margin of 14% (vs. 5.1% in 2021 including 6.8% for the DMS Imaging division).

These goals are based on organic growth only.

Implementation of a strategic committee for the DMS Imaging division

To guide the developments of the Group in the context of the Imaging 2027 plan, the new DMS Group’s Board of Directors decided to implement a strategic committee for the DMS Imaging division with high level personalities from the medical imaging field and specialized in business strategy.

DMS Group is pleased to announce the first members of this strategic committee:

  • Mark Holmshaw

Mark Holmshaw has spent his entire career in the medical imaging industry.

He started as an engineer for Philips Medical Systems, he progressed to sales management at Toshiba Medical UK before being promoted to vice-president of sales, marketing and service at Toshiba Medical Europe in 2012. In 2017, he was named President and CEO (General Director) of Toshiba Medical Systems Europe. In 2018, he became President and CEO of Canon Medical Systems Europe after the sale of Toshiba’s medical division to Canon.

With an impressive background in engineering, sales and management of medical imaging global leaders, Mark Holmshaw will bring his experience in terms of partnerships, innovation and communication to DMS Group.

  • Christophe Lala

Christophe Lala has spent his entire career in the Healthcare division of General Electrics.

With a degree in electronics, Christophe Lala has held several management positions at GE Healthcare, before taking on the position of CEO of GE Healthcare for western Europe between 2014 and 2021.

He also held positions as administrator, vice-president, and member of the Snitem board (National Syndicate of Medical Technologies Industries), first professional organization representing most of companies from the field of medical devices. He is the pilot of the medical imaging group of the Strategic Committee (CSF Imaging).

In addition, the Group can also rely on the international expertise of Jean-François Gendron, independent administrator of DMS Imaging and French foreign trade advisor. Jean-François Gendron was vice-president in charge of international development in the group Hcare International and President of the international CCI. He is the current President of the French Healthcare association.

Project of disengagement from DMS Biotech: memorandum of understanding to organize the sale of shares held by DMS Group in Hybrigenics

DMS Group concluded on October 19th a memorandum of understanding to organize the sale of all shares held in the capital of Hybrigenics, representing 43.41% of the company’s social capital.

The operation aims to add value to this participation, both for DMS Group’s shareholders and Hybrigenics’.

This operation will allow DMS Group to strengthen its available treasury in order to finance investments aiming to accelerate its developments and its growth as part of the Imaging 2027 plan but also stay focused on its strategy and goals in terms of medical imaging.

Project of free allocation of equity warrants to thank the shareholders of DMS Group

To thank the shareholders who have accompanied the company for a long time during the different steps of its development, DMS Group confirms its intention to conduct a project of issuing and free allocation of equity warrants (BSA) to its shareholders.

Further details on the modalities of this operation project will also be communicated in the upcoming weeks.

Financial calendar for 2022

January 20th 2023Publication of the 2022 annual turnover

The publications will be made when the Euronext Paris market is closed. These dates are given as an indication, they can be changed if necessary.

DMS Group is composed of companies with a high innovation potential. Historically centered on medical imaging industry, the activity is developing in new directions. By investing on the future and betting on research, DMS Group hopes to bring the solutions of tomorrow.

About DMS Group

  • Specialized in high technology for medical diagnosis, DMS Imaging is now the French leader in development, design and manufacture of imaging systems dedicated to radiology, bone densitometry, 3D modeling and posturology. DMS Imaging (previously ASIT Biotech) is quoted on the Euronext Brussels and Euronext Paris markets (ISIN: BE0974289218 – memo: DMSIM).
  • DMS Biotech supports the development strategy of the group in the field of biotechnologies, and more specifically, technologies for the treatment of osteoarthritis and regenerative medicine based on the injection of fat stem cells. Hybrigenics is quoted on the Paris Euronext Market (ISIN: FR0004153930 – memo: ALHYG).

DMS Group is on every continent through a network of over 140 national distributors, subsidiaries and joint ventures. DMS Group is quoted on the Paris Euronext market (ISIN: FR0012202497 – memo: DGM).

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