The American Hospital of Paris and SimAirlec hosted 13 doctors from seven different West African countries for an ACLS training course in Benin

ACLS training – For the second consecutive year, the American Hospital of Paris organized an ACLS training for international doctors. This session was organized in partnership with SimAirlec (Airlec).

This year, the American Hospital of Paris hosted 13 doctors from seven different West African countries, in Cotonou, Benin, from October 13-15, 2022, as part of an ACLS training program.

Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS Training) is an internationally renowned course whose recommendations come from the ILCOR (International Liaison Committee on Resuscitation). Dedicated to health care professionals, its main objective is to optimize the management of the first 10 minutes of a cardiorespiratory arrest in a hospital or extra-hospital environment.

The 2-day training is based on practical situations in order to exercise the essential skills of emergency cardiovascular resuscitation. It is completed by a half-day of manipulation on a connected mannequin allowing simulations in real conditions.

This session ended on Saturday October 15 with a conference given by Dr Dominique TAOKO, Managing Director of Isymeria (former Medical Director of Axa Partners France), on crisis management during exceptional health situations.

More than 50 doctors and medical directors attended this conference, organized with the support of the Ministry of Health of Benin.

About the American Hospital of Paris

The American Hospital of Paris is a non-profit French medical institution with multiple specialties, which annually helps about 200,000 patients from all over the world to overcome acute / chronic diseases and cancer of varying severity. The clinic was founded in 1906 and initially focused on the treatment of Americans living in Paris. But in 1918 – it opened its doors to all patients, quickly gaining their trust, which is kept to this day in France and beyond.

Every visitor in the clinic receives medical services corresponding to the highest international quality standards. This can be confirmed by presence of dual accreditation: the Joint American Commission for Hospital Accreditation (JCI) and the Supreme French Commission for Health (HAS).

Medical equipment of the latest generation, constant improvement of the quality of services and leading French specialists have made the American Hospital of Paris – the only European clinic accredited by JCI.

Combining the main achievements of French and American medicine, the hospital has become one of the leading medical institutions in the world.

About SimAirlec (Airlec)

With its rich history and diverse service portfolio, Airlec Air Espace has established itself as a market leader in Air Ambulance, Executive Flights and Specialty Services such as maintenance and aviation consulting. To further enrich is offering, Airlec has established a new and innovative training program, aiming to support aero-medical and medical professionals in further developing their skills in excellent patient care on and above the ground.

SimAirlec offers a variety of training programs for flight physicians, nurses, paramedics as well as hospital staff. With tailor made programs SimAirlec can address any training needs in the field of aero-medical & medical patient care.

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