Biosency, startup specialized in remote patient monitoring medical devices dedicated to chronic cardio-respiratory pathologies, signs a partnership with RestMed to accelerate its international development

New major step in BIOSENCY ’s development. The startup specialized in remote patient monitoring medical devices dedicated to chronic cardio-respiratory pathologies recently signed a partnership with ResMed, global player in e-health and specialized in treatment of sleep apnea and respiratory failure. Within this partnership, the solution Bora Care®, BIOSENCY’s telemonitoring device will be distributed by ResMed for homecare patients with respiratory insufficiency.

In order to pursue its development in France and abroad, BIOSENCY has concluded an agreement with ResMed, world leader in innovative solutions for the treatment of respiratory failures.

On one hand, ResMed will distribute in France, North Africa and some other Europeans countries Bora care® BIOSENCY’s telemonitoring solution to healthcare professionals taking care of patients with respiratory insufficiency. On the other hand, BIOSENCY keeps promoting its solution on key markets as hospitalization at home, perioperative medicine and healthcare coordination platforms.

Bora care® is an innovative solution, developed and manufactured in France, aimed to secure the return and support care at home of patients with chronic respiratory diseases. It is made of a connected wristband and a platform to visualize vital signs such as respiratory rate, blood oxygen saturation, heart rate and patient’s activity, on a regular and automatic basis for a relevant monitoring. Bora care® is already used by more than 160 Doctors in France.

“Our remote monitoring solution is part of an organizational and economical evolution of our healthcare systems allowing a safe patient management at home. Reaching this agreement with an international partner as ResMed, is terms of marketing a major step forward.” Points out Marie Pirotais, co-founder and President of BIOSENCY.


BIOSENCY has been founded in July 2017 following the lack of telemonitoring medical devices for patients with cardio-respiratory chronic pathologies, as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), 3rd cause of death in the world with 380 millions patients. In order to provide a solution, BIOSENCY has developed and launch Bora care® a class IIa medical devices of telemonitoring. Based on vital signs (SpO2, respiratory rate, heart rate) and patient’s activity, all measured by a connected wristband, the AI integrated to an analytical platform allows to detect and visualize changes in patients’ vital signs and adapt treatments and cares in a targeted and preventive way.

BIOSENCY’s team is made of 29 employees and surrounded by a scientific committee of 5 pulmonologists.

Bora care® is a combination of a connected wristband and a platform. The wristband Bora band® developed by BIOSENCY is made in France.  All Health data of Bora connect® platform are hosted in France.

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About ResMed

ResMed: ResMed (NYSE : RMD, ASX : RMD) is a leading edge company in innovative solutions for homecare patients to avoid hospitalization and giving patients the means to improve their quality of life and be healthier. Their cloud connected medical devices are changing the cares of patient suffering from sleep apnea, COPD and other chronic diseases. Their integrated plateform of softwares dedicated to patients out of hospital help practitioners and caregivers to treat patients at home or various care environments. Allowing better access to great health solutions in more than 140 countries, we improve patients’ quality of life, reduce incidences of chronic diseases while reducing costs of healthcare systems.

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