French Healthcare Association and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs organized a thematic lunch on the geopolitical aspects of standardization and the development of global norms in the health sector

To respond to the question of standardization in health exports, crucial for the international development of the French sector, French Healthcare Association and the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ Department of Economic Diplomacy organized a thematic lunch on “Geopolitics of health: standardization as a tool of influence”.

After the intervention of Jean-François GENDRON, President of French Healthcare Association, followed by the opening speech of the Deputy Director of the Economic Diplomacy Department of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Mr. David IZZO, the discussions focused on the geopolitical aspects of standardization, an economic and political tool used for the development of national, European and international norms in the health sector.

Mr. Stéphane PENARI shared his insights on how standardization has contributed to the international growth of his company, Metalskin. Mr. Christian ANASTASY introduced AFNOR represented by Mr. Kunal LOLLCHAND, for an exchange on the challenges of standardization in the health sector (hospital infrastructures, e-health), the actions needed to implement these projects, and the services offered by AFNOR to French companies.

Mr. Christian ANASTASY and Mr. John SEAMAN (IFRI) discussed the geopolitical aspects of standardization, with the example of China (specialty of Mr. John SEAMAN) and the United States.

The participants, mostly representatives of our member organizations, such as Institut CurieGruauKAISSA Consulting, ICANS | Institut de cancérologie Strasbourg Europe, IHU ICAN – Cardiométabolisme et NutritionServierRofimQuantiq HealthcareVivalto SantéC3Medical, had the opportunity to share their feedback and ask their questions related to the best practices and strategies in standardization.

The Deputy Director of Economic Diplomacy David IZZO expressed the diplomatic support given to businesses in their internationalisation.

Access to international markets requires a collective effort to transfer technologies and best practices. Thanks to this meeting, we have initiated, in collaboration with our network of experts experts, the process of developing quality and sustainable standards, thus accelerating the international development of French health players.


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