Ziwig wins the Prix Galien 2022 for its Ziwig Endotest®, the first salivary diagnostic test for endometriosis

Ziwig, the French start-up that revolutionized the diagnosis of endometriosis, French Healthcare Association member, received the Prix Galien 2022 in the Medical Devices category for its medical innovation Ziwig Endotest®.

Ziwig’s Endotest® Diagnostic is already available in Switzerland, and their team is currently working on exporting the solution in several countries in Europe and around the world, offering access to a reliable, rapid, and non-invasive diagnosis of endometriosis. As a result, early treatment will be possible to improve the care and quality of life of patients.

Created in 1970, the Prix Galien is a distinction that rewards scientific rigor, excellence, and innovation. It shines through its international reputation and its contribution to the dynamism of health research.

Each year, this prestigious award recognizes five winners in five categories: medicines, research, medical devices, e-health, and patient support.

Ziwig is proud to have received the Prix Galien 2022 in the Medical Devices category for Ziwig Endotest®.

Ziwig Endotest® is the first salivary diagnostic test for endometriosis and represents a major innovation for women’s health. It is based on the analysis of microRNAs present in saliva and combines two cutting-edge technologies: Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) and artificial intelligence. Its reliability, close to 100%, is superior to that of all currently available diagnostic tools.

Ziwig Endotest® diagnoses all types of endometriosis, from superficial to deep forms. It removes doubts in complex cases and dissociates endometriosis from other pathologies with similar symptoms.

It has been validated by clinical studies conducted in collaboration with 15 French endometriosis centers. The results of these studies have been published in peer-reviewed scientific journals. The latest study, not yet published, was carried out in real life on 1000 patients suffering from pelvic pain. It confirms the high level of reliability of Ziwig Endotest®.

Ziwig is pleased to receive the Galien award and is working with the French public authorities to find the best way to reimburse as soon as possible this test so that women will no longer have to endure long years of diagnostic wandering.

“It is a privilege to receive the Prix Galien 2022, and recognition of the work conducted in particular with patients and doctors to raise awareness of endometriosis and improve the quality of life of women affected by this disease. It is also an encouragement for all the people who, within the Euphorie ecosystem (E4i), created by Ziwig members, contribute to the development of precision medicine and women’s health.” states Yahya El Mir, founder and president of Ziwig.

This year, Ziwig was also distinguished in December by the Bref Eco prize for innovation in Health – Biotechnologies – Medical Technologies and by the BFM Business prize for the therapeutic advance of the year in May 2022.

Prof. Sofiane Bendifallah, a member of the Ziwig Medical Board, was awarded by the National Academy of Surgery on December 14, 2022 for his work on Ziwig Endotest®.


ZIWIG is a French company whose ambition is to improve women’s health through a holistic approach and the development of innovative and efficient diagnostic and prognostic tools. This approach, constantly guided by the search for excellence, is based on the close collaboration of French medical experts and engineers specialized in cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence and high-throughput sequencing of human microRNAs. It contributes to the emergence of a precision medicine, individualized, predictive and participative, for the well-being and quality of life of women. Ziwig Endotest® is currently distributed in Switzerland, Germany and Austria and will be distributed in 9 other countries in early 2023.


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