Télémédecine 360 successfully completed a project with UNICEF in Georgia to improve the mental health of children and adolescents with telemedicine

Télémédecine 360, a consulting firm dedicated to telemedicine and digital health with a medical, scientific, and public health approach, has been selected by UNICEF to support them in a project related to children and adolescents, supported by WHO Europe in Georgia.

Seeking guidance from an expert consulting firm to assist them in their efforts, UNICEF Georgia selected Telemedicine 360 following an international call for proposals published in 2022. Among the candidates, they presented the best service offer and the most significant expertise to meet the objectives, also having experience collaborating with other UN entities such as ITU and WHO.

In order to propose the best solutions to improve the mental health of children and adolescents through telemedicine in Georgia, the team of experts from Telemedicine 360 conducted an in-depth study of international literature and proposed an implementation framework for sustainable and integrated telemedicine activities.

Their mission allowed for the identification of relevant telemedicine interventions and models to be implemented in the country to address the medical needs indicated in the document.

The consulting provided by Telemedicine 360 advisors significantly increased the maturity of national stakeholders in telemedicine and the various elements to consider to ensure the success of the project.

The project’s results were presented at a national workshop attended by the Ministry of Health of Georgia, the World Health Organization, and local NGOs involved in mental health.

“Telemedicine 360 is proud to export French expertise in health worldwide and to partner with the United Nations to improve public health,” said Dr. Robin Ohannessian, co-founder and leader.

The advantages of telemedicine include the ability to provide remote consultations, therapies, counseling, and psychological support, even when mental health professionals are not physically present in the region.

Projects conducted by Telemedicine 360 contribute to improving patient care by supporting the deployment of telemedicine and telehealth among healthcare system actors, promoting the development of innovative telemedicine and telehealth solutions and services, and enhancing science-based telemedicine and telehealth practices.