Intrasense joins Guerbet Group to create a global leader in medical imaging with artificial intelligence solutions for radiology

In a strategic move to strengthen their integration and commercialization strategy for third-party artificial intelligence technologies, Intrasense has joined Guerbet Group as an autonomous entity. This collaboration aims to leverage the algorithms developed by Guerbet for the detection of liver lesions, prostate cancer, pancreatic cancer, and bone lesions. Guerbet and Intrasense, both French Healthcare Association members, aim to position themselves as major players in artificial intelligence applied to medical imaging and oncology.

David Hale, CEO of Guerbet, states that this alliance marks a major milestone in Guerbet’s strategic roadmap for artificial intelligence. According to him, the innovative algorithms developed by Guerbet over the past years can be fully utilized within Intrasense’s software platforms, which aim to integrate artificial intelligence into the clinical practice of medical imaging professionals. Additionally, Intrasense will benefit from unique visibility through Guerbet’s global commercial presence, especially during major medical imaging conferences.

Nicolas Reymond, CEO of Intrasense, emphasized that this capital and industrial alliance represents valuable support and a growth accelerator in the short, medium, and long term for Intrasense. He highlighted the benefits of the provided funding, the synergies resulting from the ongoing license agreement, and the co-promotion of solutions between Intrasense and Guerbet. According to him, these factors will create excellent opportunities to achieve Intrasense’s ambition of becoming an international leader in medical imaging software, delivering increasing value to users and thereby contributing to saving lives.

Guerbet is a global leader in medical imaging, offering a wide range of pharmaceutical products, medical devices, and digital and artificial intelligence solutions for diagnostic and interventional imaging. With over 2,600 employees worldwide, Guerbet has been a pioneer in contrast products for 95 years. The company dedicates 10% of its sales to research and development in four centers located in France, Israel, and the United States. Guerbet is listed on the Euronext Paris B compartment and achieved a turnover of 753 million euros in 2022.

Founded in 2004, Intrasense develops and markets a unique medical device, Myrian®, a software platform that facilitates and secures diagnosis, decision-making, and therapeutic follow-up. Through Myrian®, more than 1,000 healthcare facilities in 40 countries benefit from an integrated platform capable of reading all types of images (MRI, CT scan, etc.). Enhanced with specialized clinical applications for specific pathologies, Myrian® offers a universal image processing solution that can be integrated into all healthcare information systems. Intrasense has 55 employees, including 20 dedicated to research and development. The company has been labeled as an “innovative enterprise” by BPI and has invested over 12 million euros in research and development since its inception.”

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