AVATAR MEDICAL’s virtual reality surgical planning solution granted FDA clearance

AVATAR MEDICAL, a groundbreaking French medtech startup, has just achieved a significant milestone in the field of surgical planning. The company announced that its virtual reality (VR) surgical planning solution has received 510(k) clearance from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), opening new doors for enhanced surgical procedures and patient care.

The virtual reality surgical planning solution developed by AVATAR MEDICAL empowers surgeons with advanced tools and technology to better prepare for complex procedures. By utilizing VR representations of their patients, generated instantly from CT scan or MRI images, surgeons can gain invaluable insights into the intricacies of each case. These patient avatars, created using AVATAR MEDICAL’s proprietary technology, offer a comprehensive view of the anatomy and pathology, facilitating pre-operative planning and potentially serving as a visual aid during surgical procedures.

With the FDA clearance in hand, AVATAR MEDICAL has solidified its position as a game-changer in the medical industry. The solution has already made a significant impact, benefiting more than 100 surgeons from renowned hospitals and universities, including UMass, CUNY, and Columbia University. The technology has been employed for case studies, medical training, and patient engagement, leading to the publication of six medical papers that highlight its efficacy and potential.

Elliott Goodman, MD, Director of Surgical Education at City University of New York School of Medicine, expressed his enthusiasm for AVATAR Medical’s innovation, stating, “AVATAR Medical has the potential to revolutionize medical education but also to impact actual patient care. With real-time image rendering and lossless representations, we can now see pathology and anatomy in a way that has never been realized. This will greatly impact how we, as surgeons, prepare for our procedures.”

Another prominent physician, Venkatesh Krishnasamy MD, an Interventional Radiology specialist and Associate Professor of Radiology at Columbia University, praised the versatility of AVATAR MEDICAL’s solution, particularly in advanced percutaneous and endovascular interventions. “AVATAR MEDICAL is a unique hardware-agnostic XR software platform. With the ability to plan based on preoperative imaging and then evaluate as well as confirm based on intraoperative imaging, I now have an additional level of capability and confidence in my advanced percutaneous and endovascular interventions,” stated Dr. Krishnasamy.

The CEO of AVATAR MEDICAL, Xavier Wartelle, expressed his excitement about the FDA’s clearance and its implications for patient care. “After receiving tremendous positive feedback from surgeons over the past three years, the FDA’s clearance is a major milestone in getting our VR solution into their hands to care for their patients. We expect European medical device certification for next year,” said Wartelle.

With the FDA clearance, AVATAR MEDICAL’s VR surgical planning solution is poised to transform the way surgeons prepare for and execute complex procedures. By leveraging the power of virtual reality, surgeons will be equipped with a deeper understanding of each patient’s unique anatomy, facilitating more accurate pre-operative planning and potentially leading to improved surgical outcomes.

As AVATAR MEDICAL expands its reach and receives further certifications, the global medical community eagerly awaits the opportunity to integrate this innovative technology into their practice. The future of surgical planning has arrived, and AVATAR MEDICAL is leading the charge in reshaping the landscape of modern healthcare.

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