Inovie maintains its strong growth in Africa with two major step-ups in Côte d’Ivoire and DRC

Inovie maintains its strong growth in Africa with two major step-ups : the signing of a partnership agreement with the first mutualized health insurance in sub-Saharan Africa, and the opening of a medical diagnosis center in Kinshasa (DRC).

Inovie Group , with its foundation Inovie Africa, supports its ambitions of sustaining its development on the African continent. With its technical expertise in diagnosis innovation, the group gained the MUGEF-CI’s trust, as proven by this new partnership. In the last few days, Inovie also opened a new high-tech medical diagnosis center in DRC.

New partnership signed between Inovie Africa and the first mutualized health insurance in sub-Saharan Africa !

The Mutuelle Générale des Fonctionnaires et agents de l’Etat de Côte d’Ivoire (State of Côte d’Ivoire public officials and agents’ general mutualized health insurance, MUGEF-CI), the first health insurance company in sub-Saharan Africa, seeks the improvement of its beneficiaries’ living conditions. To achieve this goal, it relies on a system of assistance and solidarity. Recently, the executive team of the MUGEF-CI paid a visit to the technicians working at Groupe Inovie in Montpellier, France. 

Photography of the partners that signed the partnership between Inovi and the MUGEF-CI

The team was enticed with the expertise of the leader in diagnosis innovation and decided to build a partnership. They will now be able to offer a complete annual check-up to their beneficiaries, carried out by Inovie Africa’s teams in Côte d’Ivoire. The check-ups’ results will be analyzed in Abidjan, using Inovie’s cutting-edge technologies. The pre-analysis and logistical phases will be delegated to an agency called Happy Care, through a procedure ensuring the most optimal process of biological samples as well as the reliability of test results.

A foundation dedicated to overall healthcare access in Africa

With more than 630 laboratories sites and 70 technical plateaus, Inovie Group accounts for almost one quarter of the medical biology activity in the French private sector. Their local laboratories care for over 25 millions patients every year, between France, Africa and the Middle-East. 

Its affiliated Foundation – Inovie Africa – is perpetually committed to help accessing healthcare and medical innovation in Africa. It supports various health-related projects on the continent and shares with them its biological expertise and its mastery of diagnosis. 

In this context, the partnership signed with the MUGEF-CI will ease the conditions of access to medical diagnosis for the numerous Côte d’Ivoire residents covered by the insurance system. The convergent values and goals of the group have largely helped to build this agreement.

Photography of the partners that signed the partnership between Inovi and the MUGEF-CI

Inovie Africa is also opening a new medical diagnosis center in DRC

The group’s subsidiary opened this week its new center of medical diagnosis in Kinshasa. The center gathers the services of numerous general physicians and specialists, such as gynecologists, diabetologists, pediatricians, allergy specialists, endocrinologists and midwives. 

Thanks to its local laboratories, this diagnosis center broadens the medical catalog available in DRC, adding a new range of over 300 health analysis and fields of expertise in medical biology. This offer is permitted by its globally renowned quality approach, allowing patients as well as the medical community to access further excellence, innovation and local services.

Photography of the new Inovi medical diagnosis center in DRC

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