French Healthcare Association members ranked among the best hospitals in the world

Once again in 2023, the American magazine Newsweek revealed its ranking of the best hospitals in the world, sorted by specialties, based on research by Statista. Several French Healthcare Association member hospitals feature in this ranking.

Patient satisfaction at the heart of hospital quality assessment

An online study conducted by data organization Statista surveyed over 80,000 healthcare professionals, gathering their opinions on various internationally renowned hospitals.

The team also analyzed datasets about patients’ satisfaction, and other indicators that reflect the quality and reputation of the hospitals in contention. Above all, they took into account the recommendations of health experts, and the added value delivered by these hospitals for the patients, an indicator assessed, for example, using specific Patient-Reported Outcome Measures questionnaires. Indeed, as Statista points out, this ranking needed to meet the requirements of contemporary healthcare, involving the patient-focused approaches of modern care pathways. These results thus demonstrate the expertise of hospitals in different specialties, but also their ability to put the improvement of patient well-being as a priority in their quality approach.

At last, over 50,000 hospitals worldwide were evaluated by a panel of medical experts at Statista, who reinforce their scientific methodology every year. The conclusions of this study were published in Newsweek magazine, in the form of a ranking for each specialty. International recommendations and the national reputation of these hospitals were then used to propose a more general ranking, presenting the 250 best hospitals in the world.

Several French Healthcare Association members in the 2023 best hospitals ranking worldwide

The Institut Gustave Roussy, the Institut Mutualiste Montsouris, the Institut Curie and the Paris Saint-Joseph Hospital all rank as among the world best hospitals specializing in oncology. The Institut Gustave Roussy, first center of the fight against cancer in Europe, ranks third on the international ranking in this field.

The Institut Mutualiste Montsouris and the Saint-Joseph Hospital also were praised for their cardiology departments, as well as the excellence center in the field, the Marie Lannelongue Hospital. The Institut Mutualiste Montsouris, a medical and surgical hospital specializing in heavy or complex diseases healthcare, also distinguished itself by its expertise in Heart Surgery.

The Saint-Joseph Hospital and the Rothschild Foundation also appear in these Newsweek pages, identified as world leaders in Neurology.

At last, the Saint-Joseph hospital also shined in this competition, thanks to the high quality of its gastroenterology and urology departments. It also ranks among the 250 best hospitals in the world, holding the 86th position !

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