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MD101 is a network of healthcare experts dedicated to medical devices, which develops and accelerates the market launch of its customers’ products internationally. MD101 collects and understands the needs of each customer in an increasingly complex market.

The Institut Supérieur de Rééducation Psychomotrice (Higher Institute of psychomotor re-education) is the leading training institute for the psychomotrician profession. The ISRP represents 1 group, 3 campuses in Paris, Marseille and Vichy. For the past 55 years, it has been providing excellent training for students, offering the best conditions for becoming a psychomotrician, and acquiring all the professional skills needed to practice.

Specializing in women’s cardiovascular health, Epsidy is a young deeptech start-up operating in the field of medical technologies. Epsidy develops MRI-compatible instruments for clinical science, diagnosis and therapy planning in cardiovascular diseases.

Resolve Stroke is the French diagnostic assistance start-up that is taking better, earlier care of strokes, thanks to an ultrasound tool that improves image resolution by a factor of ten. This innovative tool is also portable, as Resolve Stroke aims to develop proximity high-resolution neurological imaging.

Living quarters, medical practices, temporary premises, miscellaneous equipment… Algeco is a manufacturer of road-gauge modular buildings that can be rented or sold. These mobile solutions meet the high stakes of the medical world, in a context of increasing accommodation needs and severe budget restrictions. Tailoring their solutions to specific needs, they guarantee the well-being of patients and healthcare professionals alike.

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French Healthcare Association

In order to meet our worldwide requirements in healthcare, we need to introduce a coordinated offer. This is the reason why the Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Development launched “French Healthcare” on March 16, 2017.

First introduced as a brand, French Healthcare is now an organization created as an animation tool of the healthcare providers and a collective marketing tool of the French expertise.

The “French Healthcare” approach intends to promote the French vision in terms of worldwide health, based on a humanist approach of healthcare and a right and fair access to healthcare products and services.

Promoting the French expertise in healthcare, in its broadest sense, is how “French Healthcare” conveys the French excellence in healthcare.

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