Tesalys committed to green medical waste management in the Philippines: inauguration of installation at Gabriela Silang Hospital, Vigan.

Vigan, a UNESCO World Heritage city in the Philippines, has just marked a significant step forward in the green management of medical waste in the Luzon region. Gabriela Silang Hospital, one of the region’s flagship hospitals, recently inaugurated the Sterishred 700 from Tesalys, a Toulouse-based member of French Healthcare Association, which designs standardizers for hospital infectious waste.

With almost 500 beds, the Gabriela Silang Hospital was able to cut its cost of treating infectious risk medical waste by a factor of almost ten, thanks to Tesalys‘ installation. The economic advantage does not stand alone: Tesalys devices are designed to be environmentally friendly, with zero greenhouse gas emissions, offering a responsible alternative to incineration. This installation is the latest in a series of projects undertaken by Tesalys, whose commitment to reducing the environmental impact of medical waste treatment continues unabated.

The inauguration was marked by the notable presence of the Governor of Ilocos Sur province, Mr. Jerry Singson, underlining the importance of this initiative for the region.

Cutting-edge technology adapted to local environmental challenges in the Philippines

Tesalys offers a state-of-the-art machine with an impressive processing capacity of 100kg of waste per hour, while ensuring the safe management of medical waste, preserving the safety of staff and the public. Thanks to its combustion-free thermal process, it can be used on site in just a few minutes. Finally, it considerably reduces the carbon footprint of healthcare establishments.

These guarantees of protection and of preservation of the environment, as well as the substantial savings achieved, enable Tesalys to position itself as a trusted partner in the infectious waste sector, and to further consolidate its presence on the Philippine market, having also recently exported its expertise to Saudi Arabia and Northern Macedonia.