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AMA is a designer of secure applications for smartphones and connected glasses, deployed in the healthcare, industry and transport sectors. The company has more than ten years of experience in remote surgical expertise, assisted reality and video-regulation for emergency medical services.

Ana Healthcare has developed a platform for extracting, aggregating and analyzing information from a variety of structured and unstructured medical data sources, including radiology reports and images.

Laboratoires Anios, French laboratories specializing in chemicals and equipment for detergents and disinfectants for medical use.

Cleanis, a subsidiary of the French INNOTHERA Group, offers a complete range of products for nosocomial infection control, personal hygiene, excreta management, fluid absorption and no-rinse toiletry.

Dessintey, which develops and markets innovative intensive rehabilitation technologies to accelerate recovery and ensure greater autonomy for patients.

E3 Cortex supplies special, approved packaging for the transport of hazardous, biological, heat-sensitive, specific and transplant products. They also provide custom packaging and compliance services for hazardous products exported by road, air and sea.

EMC is a strategy consulting firm for the development, in France or abroad, of healthcare activities (establishments, groups of establishments, care activities, etc.).

HORIBA FRANCE designs, manufactures and markets automated in vitro diagnostics systems, offering complete solutions in hematology, hemostasis and clinical chemistry.

Keydiag specializes in semi-structured reports to aid radiological diagnosis, using medical intelligence and AI. The reports produced aim to achieve a level of completeness that greatly reduces medico-legal risks.

Drawing on its local knowledge and expertise in trusted digital services, La Poste has set itself the goal of supporting the transformation of the healthcare system and developing its healthcare activities, integrating the expertise of nearly 3,000 employees, from data scientists to state-qualified nurses, developers and expert healthcare consultants.

Medic’air is the catalyst for three decades of expertise in providing assistance to private individuals, hospitals, emergency medical services, health insurance companies, NGOs, etc. for medical repatriation, event medicalization, monitoring and technical assistance, using extensive logistical resources.

Smart Data Health collects and interprets data from social networks, enriched and cross-referenced with open data and its own data sets. For over 7 years, Smart Data Health has been developing its own databases (medical professions, patient associations, pathology classification, etc.). The aim is to support organizations at strategic and operational levels, to detect targets and their behaviors, and to generate commitment.

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French Healthcare Association

In order to meet our worldwide requirements in healthcare, we need to introduce a coordinated offer. This is the reason why the Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Development launched “French Healthcare” on March 16, 2017.

First introduced as a brand, French Healthcare is now an organization created as an animation tool of the healthcare providers and a collective marketing tool of the French expertise.

The “French Healthcare” approach intends to promote the French vision in terms of worldwide health, based on a humanist approach of healthcare and a right and fair access to healthcare products and services.

Promoting the French expertise in healthcare, in its broadest sense, is how “French Healthcare” conveys the French excellence in healthcare.

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