Rofim partners with Pierre Fabre to offer a tele-expertise solution to alleviate the shortage of dermatologists.

A tele-expertise solution to relieve the workload of dermatologists and reduce diagnostic delays for patients: this is the aim of a new partnership between Pierre Fabre Laboratories and French start-up Rofim, a French Healthcare Association’s member. January 2024 marks the launch of Dermatoexpert.

 On the 9th of January 2024, Pierre Fabre laboratories announced the launch of Dermatoexpert, in partnership with Rofim. Initially, this remote expertise solution will be available in several pilot pharmacies. It will help patients suffering from dermatosis, in a context of severe shortage of dermatologists. The average waiting time for an appointment is 95 days, according to a What’s up Doc’s study published in 2020. With few new professionals entering the sector, the situation is unlikely to improve.

Dermatoexpert therefore meets a significant need, through e-diagnosis, which is becoming increasingly popular in many disciplines. That’s why Pierre Fabre Laboratories have chosen the solutions offered by Rofim, the Marseille-based start-up involved in the fight against diagnostic errancy, thanks to its tele-expertise and remote consultation solutions. This partnership should reduce the latency period faced by patients suffering from dermatological disorders.

Telerexpertise in dermatology through pharmacies

Emilie Mercadal, Rofim’s CEO

Pharmacists will act as proxies, simplifying the process for patients. The person will be able to present their file and photographs to the pharmacist, who will relay the relevant information to the dermatologist via a secure platform, in compliance with current regulations. The system is thus an effective way of circumventing the problem of the shortage of available appointments.

This digitalized solution will be deployed with a training program, to learn how to use the platform. Pierre Fabre Laboratories also indicated that they had worked with a board of 4 dermatologists and 1 general practitioner, “to ensure that the platform meets the expectations of healthcare professionals and that it will enable them to process patient files in a complete and efficient way.” (Laboratory press release).

Finally, the laboratories intend to communicate directly with patients in pharmacies in the near future, so that they can discover and get acquainted with this digital innovation.