Stephanix fosters access to local healthcare with the unusual aerial delivery of a mobile X-ray unit to French Guiana

Stephanix, an imaging manufacturer committed to local access to healthcare, recently delivered a mobile X-ray unit, the Movix DReamy, by helicopter to French Guiana. This deployment marks a turning point in cutting-edge medical equipment in overseas France.

The Movix DReamy, a motorized mobile with its telescopic arm and powerful radiodiagnostic technology, offers radiologists exceptional flexibility, perfectly suited to intensive care, pediatrics or neonatology. After three deliveries in 2023 and two in 2022 to university hospitals, of which installations began last November, the Movix DReamy has now been installed at the Grand-Santi hospital in Cayenne.

Stephanix’s commitment for proximity and responsiveness confirmed in French Guiana with this mobile X-ray unit

With this unusual delivery, French Healthcare Association’s member Stephanix confirms its leadership in high-end radiology equipment. By teaming up with Socovi Medical, the company was able to overcome the logistical challenges usually encountered when delivering medical equipment to remote areas. Thanks to a helicopter and the installation services provided by this French overseas partner, the local hospital in Grand-Santi, Cayenne, will now benefit from this cutting-edge technology.

Stephanix is thus further cementing its commitment to improving access to local healthcare in remote regions, while reinforcing its position as a forerunner in French radiology equipment. The manufacturer has also announced that it will continue to make installations of this type in the future, with a view to equipping other healthcare centers in Maripasoula and Saint-Georges.

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