Signature of an MoU between Vietnam social security and French Healthcare Association’s member companies, to help improve Vietnamese healthcare.

Signing of a strategic cooperation agreement for the period 2024 to 2026, as part of a visit by representatives of the French healthcare sector, with Vietnam Social Security.

The signing ceremony at the French Embassy in Hanoi, which came to support the operation, marks an important step in improving access to healthcare and promoting innovation in the Vietnamese healthcare and health insurance system. The French Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam, Vietnam Social Security officials and representatives from the local Ministries of Health and Foreign Affairs were also present for the signing. It was was also attended by leading French healthcare companies, such as Sanofi et Servier, as well as the LEEM union, three members of French Healthcare Association.

Knowledge transfer and experience sharing to improve healthcare management in Vietnam

The main objectives identified by these partners fall within the framework of a shared mission: to establish a platform dedicated to experience sharing, knowledge transfer and capacity building.

This project will take the form of training sessions, conferences and expert meetings, focusing on four priority themes:

  • Pooling information and sharing experience to increase the resources allocated to health insurance, and experimenting with additional insurance packages from other countries, notably from France.
  • Improving the evaluation of healthcare technologies (drugs, DM, medical equipment and healthcare services covered by health insurance funds), as well as healthcare economic evaluation (budgetary impact, cost-benefit balance).
  • Reinforcing communication and prevention with the public and healthcare professionals on the reasonable, safe and effective use of care: compliance with treatment, optimization of treatment efficacy, minimization of waste, protecton of patients’ rights, etc.
  • Finally, the sharing of French and European perspectives and best practices in terms of health insurance.

French and Vietnamese experts and industrialists met at a conference entitled “Towards Improving Chronic Disease Management in Vietnam“: the first knowledge-sharing event organized in Hanoi as part of this partnership.