French Healthcare Association: 10 new members in March 2024

Find out who the ten new French Healthcare Association members, joining in March 2024, are:

Cahouet designs, manufactures and distributes equipment for pressurized medical gases. They have 80 years’ experience in high and low pressure industrial, medical and special gases and liquids, and a wide range of products that they export.

Tessan facilitates access to healthcare via teleconsultation. By 2023, 850 medical devices will be deployed, and over 150 healthcare professionals employed. Tessan markets consoles, kiosks, booths, cases, teleophthalmology tables… and they offer augmented teleconsultation solutions, using connected and remotely-controlled medical devices.

CATALYSE is a coaching and training firm dedicated entirely to the healthcare sector, with a mission to strengthen know-how through interpersonal skills. They offer individual and group coaching, focusing mainly on the development of organizational and human skills, taking into account the specific needs of healthcare professionals.

Delmont Imaging are committed to improving women’s care: they design solutions for gynecologists that are as minimally invasive as possible, highly innovative and respectful of patient comfort. They collaborate with several European companies and R&D laboratories, have set up their own scientific advisory board for R&D, and have already filed several patents.

For 35 years, Hoper Coordination Ingienerie HCI has been managing rehabilitation projects for owners, private and public property managers and architectural firms. They are currently managing 2 hospital programs in Côte d’Ivoire.

Ideal Medical Projects offers consulting, planning, design, study, implementation and management services for all medical and hospital projects, as well as educational, engineering and construction supervision services. Their services are aimed at foreign healthcare organizations, to promote French excellence in healthcare methods, by supporting them over the long term.

MagIA Diagnostics is the result of a fifteen-year collaboration between several French research institutes. MagIa has developed a portable, stand-alone screening solution that can perform up to 8 tests simultaneously. The solution requires very little blood, and aims to detect co-infections by means of a faster, more efficient analysis system, based on magnetic interactions at the sub-millimeter scale for pathogen detection. markets an all-in-one “MyC Cloud” platform, designed to enable companies, public institutions and NGOs not only to manage their medical centers, but also to design and deliver any healthcare program anywhere in the world. These programs can be operational or medical, and enable the generation of data-driven healthcare initiatives.

Experts in therapeutic solutions for spine-related pathologies, Bodyfeed mainly develop devices for the correction and prevention of neuro-musculo-skeletal problems. For example, one of their innovations, Gravity Waves, is a non-invasive, vibrating neuro-vertebral decompression table. This solution enables the creation of personalized programs for physiognomically-adapted treatment that respects patients’ well-being.

PharmExport is an import-export supply chain management firm with over 20 years’ experience in international trade, and a presence in over 50 countries. They provide services to help French laboratories in their international development, as well as sourcing services for French products for foreign wholesalers.

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French Healthcare Association

In order to meet our worldwide requirements in healthcare, we need to introduce a coordinated offer. This is the reason why the Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Development launched “French Healthcare” on March 16, 2017.

First introduced as a brand, French Healthcare is now an organization created as an animation tool of the healthcare providers and a collective marketing tool of the French expertise.

The “French Healthcare” approach intends to promote the French vision in terms of worldwide health, based on a humanist approach of healthcare and a right and fair access to healthcare products and services.

Promoting the French expertise in healthcare, in its broadest sense, is how “French Healthcare” conveys the French excellence in healthcare.

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