Steam France in Africa: a growing export success story

Since its beginnings a quarter of a century ago in Montpellier, Steam France has made giant strides in the world of medical devices. Over the past decade, the company has been expanding rapidly internationally, and has set up several subsidiaries abroad, with a particular focus on African markets.

This French company markets its equipment, software and DM to a wide range of public and private sector customers, including hospitals, clinics, laboratories and specialized practices.

Steam’s growth is underpinned by exports, with a growing number of contributions to large-scale hospital projects.

Steam France has pushed ahead with its export development by investing in Africa and the Middle East, seizing numerous business opportunities there. After opening four subsidiaries in Morocco, Tunisia, the United Arab Emirates and Egypt, the company has consolidated its presence on the continent with the opening of a fifth subsidiary in Benin in 2023.

To date, exports account for 40% of Steam France’s sales (16M), demonstrating its ability to conquer new markets and adapt to complex environments. Its Moroccan business alone will account for over 11% of these results by 2023. The company is currently involved in a large number of projects in Senegal, Côte d’Ivoire, Guinea-Conakry, Ghana, Togo and Burkina Faso, and is exploring new business opportunities in Rwanda, Nigeria, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Kenya, Chad and Saudi Arabia.

Fruitful collaborations with members of French Healthcare Association, enabling Steam to expand its presence in Africa.

Steam France is involved in the installation of medical equipment in several hospitals in Senegal, notably in Kaffrine, Touba, Sedhiou and Kédougou, for a total of 750 beds. In partnership with French Healthcare Association members Ellipse Projects, Steam is participating in the creation of the Tivaouane (300 beds) and Ourossogui (150 beds) hospitals, where it is overseeing the installation of heavy equipment such as sterilizers and washer-disinfectors, as well as medical furniture. The installation and commissioning phase is scheduled for the first half of 2024.

In Côte d’Ivoire, Steam France works in collaboration with the Société Française d’Études Hospitalières (SFEH), also members to French Healthcare Association, to equip the Institut Cœur de Grace in Abidjan, an institute specializing in cardiology. The two partners will supply the institute with sterilizers, washer-disinfectors and medical furniture, during an installation phase scheduled for May 2024.

In Benin, the company is involved in the sterilization process at the Abomey Calavi referral hospital, as part of a major project co-sponsored with French Healthcare members Bouygues Construction. This 600-bed hospital will therefore see the deployment of some thirty pieces of heavy equipment and medical furniture, and will also be supplied with sterilization consumables. Inauguration and commissioning are scheduled for June 2024. Then, over the summer, Steam France intends to provide a trainer from its teams for local sterilization staff.

A perpetual commitment to promoting French expertise

At the head of Steam France is a highly committed CEO, who became the association’s new president in december 2023. Jean-Pierre Boffy’s commitment to promoting excellence in French healthcare throughout the world is undoubtedly a driving force behind the company’s international expansion, as well as the association’s further development.