IMeBIO now exports its biosafety level 2 containerized laboratory to Tajikistan

IMeBIO, experts in mobile/modular controlled environments, recently announced the installation of a level 2 biosafety laboratory in Tajikistan, in collaboration with Amex Healthcare and the United Nations Development Program.

Member company founded in 2008,  IMebio is a member of the IMebio Group, and offers its modular, state-of-the-art biosafety and biocontainment solutions all over the world. They also deploy projects requiring ISO environments (analytical laboratories, for example), meeting diverse needs depending on the markets they export to or the industries they target. These experts recently installed a level 2 biosafety laboratory in Tajikistan, at the Bokhtar regional hospital.

The laboratory is built in a container, allowing great mobility while advancing diagnostic capabilities and medical research in the region. IMeBIO installed and commissioned the modular infrastructure, provided training for hospital staff to ensure optimal use of the laboratory, and offered a maintenance service via another CLENTGROUP subsidiary, WeContrL.

IMeBIO: innovative, leading-edge solutions to meet urgent biosafety needs worldwide

The company has also won a new public contract in Corte, Corsica, for the construction of a microbiological technical platform at the Université Pasquale Paoli.

A few weeks ago, IMeBIO teams visited the construction site for the 350 m² facility, which will comprise 12 containers and state-of-the-art laboratories on two levels: one dedicated to Virology and Bacteriology laboratories and P2 laboratories specialized in Mycology, Parasitology and Bacteriology; and the other P2 laboratories with a tertiary area.