“French Healthcare Association and you”, episode 1: Med in Touch and its founder, Ahmed-Yacine El Moujahed

Ahmed-Yacine El Moujahed founded Med in Touch in 2021. The company, which specializes in medical assistance and service, has since rapidly expanded its activities, offering its expertise from film sets to high-risk areas, via sporting events. The CEO is supported by a team of medical assistance experts, recruited for their ability to adapt to every type of event and every medical situation.

Med in Touch joined French Healthcare Association in 2022, one year after its creation. The various services offered by the association have accelerated business opportunities for many members, as Ahmed-Yacine El Moujahed can testify here.

Today, in the first episode of “French Healthcare Association and you”, he tells us about his background – from his medical and military training to his career as a CEO and entrepreneur – and how Med in Touch has evolved since joining French Healthcare Association.

Our exclusive interview is available below.

From being a caregiver to becoming an entrepreneur, what prompted you to found Med In Touch?

I capitalized on my rather atypical background, having been attracted to healthcare from an early age. At just 16, I joined the young Paris fire department. So I immersed myself in two worlds at once: the army and healthcare, discovering emergency management in particular. At the end of this program, I chose to join a marine infantry parachute regiment. I then pursued my career with the Paris Fire Brigade, and later at the Georges Pompidou European Hospital, in intensive care.

These experiences gave me a unique perspective on the importance of health and safety, particularly in critical situations. It was this vision that prompted me to create Med In Touch. The aim is to provide quality healthcare services to companies, event organizers and institutions, guaranteeing the safety and well-being of participants at all times.

What is Med in Touch’s main mission, and how do you go about achieving it on a daily basis?

Med In Touch’s main mission is to provide comprehensive medical assistance to professionals. Our structure is made up of 4 departments:

– Events and sports

– Film industry

– Risk zones

– Assistance

To guarantee comprehensive health coverage, we support professionals in the development of forward-looking medical care plans. In concrete terms, we analyze the risks specific to each project and propose appropriate solutions, whether in terms of providing qualified personnel, equipment or technological innovations.

On a daily basis, we invest in the ongoing training of our team, adopt innovative technologies and maintain close communication with our customers to identify and meet their needs.

Med in Touch is recognized for its innovative approach to healthcare. Can you tell us more about it?

Our innovation lies in our ability to offer a complete medicalization solution. This includes medical staff, all the necessary equipment, and above all the integration of cutting-edge technological tools developed by our peer members of the French Healthcare Association.

What also sets us apart is our rapid response to emergencies, our data-driven approach to project management, and our ability to operate internationally.

How did you experience your entrepreneurial adventure?

My entrepreneurial journey has been fraught with pitfalls and uncertainties, but also with major victories. Managing logistics and teams has been a real challenge. However, I measure our success by the satisfaction of our customers, and the recognition of our innovative approach, which I find extremely gratifying. These successes reinforce my conviction that Med In Touch meets a crucial market need today.

What’s a typical day like for the CEO of Med in Touch?

My days are varied, oscillating between managing operations and the team, and interacting with customers and partners. I can start my day on a shoot at 7 a.m., then travel to the other end of France in the evening for a job. I also devote a large part of my time to strategic development, to ensure the growth of Med In Touch.

How do you think your past experiences have benefited your company?

My previous experience, particularly in military institutions, has given me rigor and discipline, as well as the ability to manage stressful situations – skills which are of course essential in the field of emergency care. These skills enable me to lead Med In Touch with a firm hand and a clear vision.

When did you join the French Healthcare Association, and why?

I wanted to benefit from your support and expertise as we expand internationally. In particular, I wanted to be able to exchange ideas with other professionals in the sector, and find opportunities for collaboration.

Were you satisfied with the association?

Yes, the association has more than met my expectations. I was able to make valuable contacts and learn from my peers. Today, after a year with the French Healthcare Association, I’m proud to be part of this community and enthusiastic about continuing to collaborate with other members to promote French healthcare internationally.

You’ve formed several partnerships. Could you tell us a bit more about them?

Partnerships are an essential part of our growth strategy. They generally take the form of targeted exchanges and discussions, to understand the needs and expectations of each party.

A concrete example is our collaboration with HOJO Solutions. HOJO Solutions aims to improve access to medical care for isolated populations, such as shipping companies or the armed forces, by offering optimized teleconsultation using connected healthcare devices. These cutting-edge, approved and interoperable connected objects collect precise data and contribute to optimized diagnosis.

For our part, at Med In Touch, we have an assistance and regulation platform operated by emergency physicians, available 24/7.

The combination of our resources has enabled us to offer a unique service: connected cases deployed at isolated sites, giving caregivers privileged access to a doctor in real time. In this way, we guarantee high-quality medical care, even in the most remote areas.

This partnership with HOJO Solutions is the fruit of a shared vision to democratize access to quality care, wherever you are. It is a perfect illustration of how two companies can work together to meet a major healthcare challenge.

How do you see the future of Med in Touch?

In the coming years, Med in Touch will play an increasingly important role in the French and international healthcare landscape. We will continue to innovate and improve our services to meet the changing needs of our customers. We also plan to continue expanding our international presence, particularly in regions where access to quality healthcare services is booming.

Our main objective is therefore to become a key player in the healthcare sector, recognized for our commitment to quality, innovation and customer satisfaction.