French Healthcare Association welcomes 8 new healthcare companies in May 2024

Find out who are the 8 healthcare companies joining French Healthcare Association in May 2024 :

Among in vitro diagnostics world leaders since 1963, bioMérieux is present in 45 countries and serves more than 160 through a vast network of distributors. The group provides diagnostic systems, reagents, software and services that determine the origin of infectious diseases and contamination – including in agrifood, pharmaceutical and cosmetic products – to improve patient health while ensuring consumer safety.

Benoit Systèmes invents and manufactures a range of innovative products for mobility and independence, to equip motorization systems for people with reduced mobility and senior citizens, such as motorization kits for wheelchairs, motorization platforms for home support chairs and accessories for manual wheelchairs.

BYG4Lab is an independent publisher of data management software for medical laboratories specializing in biology and microbiology. It is a preferred partner of several companies in the in vitro diagnostics industry, as well as private and public laboratory networks.

DigiSurge is a startup offering robotic assistance for transcatheter heart valve repair and replacement procedures, as an alternative to open-heart surgery. The robotic assistance enables safer, faster and more comfortable procedures for patients.

EDL designs “Xplore” software solutions for the management of medical imaging and nuclear medicine services, such as teleradiology, radiopharmacy, web portals, RIS, PACS, DACS, VNA… They offer rapid implementation, with secure access to several AIs, and customizable rules to suit various environments such as hospital, private practice, emergencies, etc.

Feel Better is a psychological teleconsultation platform for French people living abroad. It offers consultations in French, anywhere in the world, at regulated rates. It also offers personalized support, thanks to encrypted data, delivering top-of-the-range therapeutic support to French people living abroad.

Laboratoires Activa develops, manufactures and distributes natural food supplements, heavy metals, pesticides and GMO free , optimized for personal health and well-being. These ranges are based on sequential formulas for synergistic action and composed of gastroprotected microgranules.

Weza Green Lab has developed a no-rinse cleansing lotion made from water and natural products, which acts as an alternative to hydroalcoholic soaps and gels, but also as a moisturizer and re-implanter of the sacrophyte flora. Weza is made in France by a French laboratory to French and European standards, and is designed for hygiene professionals.

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French Healthcare Association

In order to meet our worldwide requirements in healthcare, we need to introduce a coordinated offer. This is the reason why the Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Development launched “French Healthcare” on March 16, 2017.

First introduced as a brand, French Healthcare is now an organization created as an animation tool of the healthcare providers and a collective marketing tool of the French expertise.

The “French Healthcare” approach intends to promote the French vision in terms of worldwide health, based on a humanist approach of healthcare and a right and fair access to healthcare products and services.

Promoting the French expertise in healthcare, in its broadest sense, is how “French Healthcare” conveys the French excellence in healthcare.

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