French Healthcare Association steers the signing of two Intergovernmental agreements between French and Ukrainian governments for the construction of new hospitals and the fight against breast cancer

The French and Ukrainian governments are proud to announce a strategic collaboration aimed at strengthening the Ukrainian healthcare system through the construction of new hospitals and the fight against breast cancer. This initiative testifies to France’s commitment to supporting the Ukrainian healthcare system in the aftermath of two years of war, and to improving access to quality care for the Ukrainian population. The agreements, which were signed on June 11 at the Ukraine Recovery Conference in Berlin, will be supported by French Healthcare Association. They provide for:

1. The construction of new hospitals

As part of this collaboration, France has committed to providing €35 million in the form of a soft loan from the French Treasury to finance construction and hospital management solutions, aiming to build one or more healthcare facilities in Ukraine. The design of these new hospitals will meet the highest international standards. They will offer comprehensive medical services, from emergency care to specialised treatments.

2. The fight against breast cancer :

One of the priorities of this collaboration is the fight against breast cancer. This disease affects one woman in 7 in Ukraine. To meet this challenge, France will deliver 25 latest-generation mammography units. This equipment will enable early and accurate screening, increasing patients’ chances of survival and remission, in a context where access to care is extremely difficult.

3. Training and medical expertise :

In addition to infrastructure and equipment, this initiative includes a training program for Ukrainian healthcare professionals. French experts in oncology and medical imaging will travel to Ukraine to train medical staff in the use of the new mammography equipment and will share best practices in breast cancer treatment.

“These signings are the direct result of the december 2022 conference on the reconstruction of Ukraine launched at the initiative of President Macron and the outcome of missions carried out in Ukraine by French Healthcare Association.” says Julien Delpech, Ukraine representative for French Healthcare Association.

“This major partnership in the healthcare sector is a testimony to our commitment to Ukraine’s resilience, and paves the way for future collaboration in other areas that will contribute to the country’s reconstruction.” praises Pierre Heilbronn, the French President’s correspondent for aid and reconstruction in Ukraine.

hôpitaux et cancer du sein en Ukraine
Victor Liashko, Minister of Health in Ukraine and Pierre Heilbronn, French President’s correspondent for Ukraine