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Created in 1966, the "Atelier d'Architecture et d'Urbanisme de la Bretèque" - ATAUB - has enabled several generations of architects to work in an open, dynamic and demanding professional environment.

United with the common goal of producing an inventive and rigorous architecture, in tune with the times, its current leaders, Alexis Korganow, Luc Saint Martin, Patrick Le Moëme, Bernard Brejuin, Joseph Alwan and Jean-Marc Crevel continue and enrich a collective exercise of the profession initiated by the founders.

The workforce and the organization of the ATAUB, with its various departments and its various agencies, allow it to face the current challenges of availability, efficiency and technicality both in the follow-up of studies and in the follow-up Construction sites.

The reliability and responsiveness of the ATAUB are recognized at the regional level, but also at the national and international level. This wide openness of the agency allows it to cross points of view and experiences and thus renew its architectural, urban and environmental approaches.


606 chemin de la Bretèque, 76230 Bois-Guillaume

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Featured products


Biosafety Laboratory in Abidjan (Côte d'Ivoire)

Laboratory including A3 animal facility in the heart of a scientific complex. Building classified as a dual-use property under an intergovernmental agreement between France and Côte d’Ivoire. This building is c…

Saint Aubin les Elbeuf Hospital, France

The main issue of inclusion in the site concerns the ability to link the different entities of the program so as to constitute a coherent and harmonious whole, manifesting the dynamism of the hospital and its renewal.…

CH & Ehpad of Verneuil sur Avre (27) France

1st phase: construction of the EHPAD in Verneuil sur Avre 80 beds including 28 beds in 2 units dedicated to patients with Alzheimer’s disease 2nd phase extension of the EHPAD…


High School E.Mounier in France

Reconstruction of the school with kitchen, restaurant, boarding school and rehabilitation of sports equipment. The project, located in the city center, solves a double equation: that of building on an occupied site an…

School Group S.Sasaki in France

Construction of the S. Sasaki school group in Petit Quevilly (76) France. Detailed ORIGAMI concept to design the project. Possibility of multiplication of dimensions, perspectives, from a limited space. It is a way of…

Nerard School Group in Lyon (69) France

Realization of a school group in an urban environment. Energy performance level E3C1. Construction in wooden coat wall + mixed wood-concrete floors. Building respectful of its context, in particular the TNG and the ad…

Industry & Tertiary

Nord Fiduciary Center - Banque de France in Sainghin en Mélantois (59) France

Strong center for automated storage (by AGV and stacker crane) and for sorting and preparing valuables (banknotes). The Center is part of the bank’s sustainable development policy: High Environmental Quality (HQ…

Headquarters of the Bank of Central African States

Construction of the Central African States banking headquarters in Yaoundé, Cameroon. Winner of the competition, the project is currently under study. The Bank of Central African States (Beac) is continuing its progr…

National Institute of Judicial Training (INFJ) in Yamoussoukro (Ivory Coast)

Construction of the National Institute of Judicial Training in Yamoussoukro composed of a school of court clerks: 150 students; a school for the judiciary: 100 students – a school for the legal protection of you…