Avatar Medical

Real-time and comprehensive VR medical image viewer for surgery planning


AVATAR MEDICAL was founded in 2020 by a French and American team of entrepreneurs, researchers and surgeons to enable shorter, safer, and less invasive surgeries. We aim at helping surgeons better prepare their procedures by interacting with an ultra-fluid, photo-realistic VR representation of their patients’ medical images. The solution promises to help avoid mastectomies, shorten operating time for reconstructive surgeries and inform hardware selection for orthopedic surgeries.

Our multi-awarded solution (EIC Accelerator, Sifted, Laval Virtual, Nvidia inception) stems from 4 years of research at Institut Pasteur and Institut Curie. Full commercial deployment of the FDA and CE-approved version of the software platform is planned for 2023.


11, Rue de Lourmel, Paris 75015

+1 (603) 997 2349

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Featured products

Surgical and interventional oncology

Breast cancer

Immersive visualization of breast MRIs to better localize tumors, vessels, and lymph nodes and to assess tumor-to-breast ratio.

Kidney cancer

Real time visualization of the lesion, arteries and urinary tracts.



Visualization of arterial plaques, true and false lumen, stent leaks, afferent and efferent branches of aneurysms.

Congenital heart disease

Real time 3D and VR reconstruction of CT-Scans.



Visualization and measurements of muscles and tendons. Works with MRIs and CT Scans.

Head and Neck

Bones, tumors and vessels visualization.


Real time visualization of fetus MRIs