Avicenna.AI provides artificial intelligence solutions for emergency radiology



Avicenna provides innovative and effective AI tools for daily clinical use. We enable faster detection of critical conditions, improve radiology efficiency and support better patient outcomes.

We are leading the way to the next generation of healthcare with our comprehensive suite of radiology solutions, initially focused on emergency imaging and life-threatening diseases. Designed around patient management, our goal is to accelerate and improve therapeutic decision-making processes for better quality of care, better patient outcomes, and cost reduction.


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Featured products



CINA-ICH uses deep learning to identify suspected intracranial hemorrhage and prioritizes those cases in the worklist, dramatically reducing turnaround time for head trauma and stroke patients.


CINA-LVO is a triage tool for neurovascular emergencies, designed to detect LVO of the anterior circulation (distal ICA, M1, or proximal M2) on CT angiographies of the head.


CINA-ASPECTS is an AI-based automatic quantification tool that enables faster, more consistent and more precise interpretation for the assessment of acute ischemic stroke.



Providing rapid automatic detection of pulmonary embolism from chest CT images, CINA-PE leverages deep learning algorithms to accelerate clinical workflow, providing clinicians with accurate and rapid real-time alerts…


CINA-AD was designed and developed to identify acute aortic dissections that require urgent intervention. Meeting the needs of clinicians to flag and triage urgent aortic dissection cases, CINA-AD provides accurate re…