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Time display, audio broadcasting and synchronisation of medical equipment



For more than 40 years, Bodet Time has been the European leader in time measurement and management. Subsidiary of a 150-year-old family business, the Bodet group designs and manufactures its products in France, in Trémentines. Its Time business designs time synchronisation systems, time servers, audio solutions and a wide range of indoor and outdoor clocks.

Synchronisation and time security on all the equipment on your IT network. Scanners, x-ray equipment, artificial respirator, computerised patient medical records... All this equipment works in a network and can be paralysed in a few seconds during a cyber-attack. In this period of pandemic, one hospital per week is the target of a cyber criminal. In order to reinforce network security, distributing the time in a secure manner becomes essential. This is why we have designed our Netsilon time server range.

Broadcasting of pre-recorded voice messages to alert about terrorist threats, attacks, weather incidents (building security plans) or issuing pandemic safety advice (social distancing, hand washing, etc) within a medical establishment is now possible with our Harmonys solution.

A specific range designed to meet the standards of hospital environments and operating rooms. Recess-mounted clocks and consoles offer perfect hygiene and can be programed as count-up or count-down timers to control the duration of anaesthesia. Our Style 5S OP and Style 7S OP clocks have been designed for hospitals.

All Bodet Time products meet the unique needs of healthcare establishments such as hospitals, clinics, nursing homes and retirement homes.


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bodet time


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