Next Generation Software for Laboratories and In Vitro Diagnostics


BYG4lab® is a software company specializing in data management solutions for the healthcare sector, for laboratories and the in vitro diagnostics industry. BYG4lab® solutions, available in 11 languages, are used by over 4,500 laboratories worldwide. BYG4lab® is the preferred partner of many companies in the in vitro diagnostics industry, including instrument suppliers and private and public laboratory networks.

BYG4lab® is ISO 13485: 2016 certified, and follows the most demanding international recommendations in terms of medical software development cycle (IEC 62304), cybersecurity and data confidentiality.

BYG4lab® is also a caring, respectful environment where team spirit reigns to foster collaboration and innovation. These values lead to professional fulfillment, sustainable team growth and success. Today, with over 120 employees, the company is the French market leader, with a strong international presence, including subsidiaries in the United States and Finland.


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Featured products

Data Management and Middleware solutions


nYna® is the independent data management solution dedicated to production and quality control in private and hospital clinical laboratories.


Ynfectio® is the business software that enables you to monitor the spread of pathogens. The data collected is used to identify trends, risk groups and cross-contamination.

Validation Manager

Validation Manager is the expert solution for evaluating the initial and ongoing quality performance of private and hospital clinical laboratories.