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C2i santé, a healthcare engineering consulting firm, has as a permanent objective to bring its customers towards a compliance with the regulations in force, mainly in the radiation protection field, towards an enhancement of their activities quality but also towards a dose optimization. The company can provide services which summarize all the actions necessary to guarantee compliance with European standards, and to work in complete safety. Upon request, a radiation protection consultant will shift to the site to carry out an initial audit and establish an action plan within 24 hours. These tasks will be planned according to our shifting on site. This accompaniment is a very profitable solution for healthcare and industrial establishments, which allows permanent external monitoring and regulatory monitoring, managed by an expert team in radiation protection.


10 Rue Paul Langevin, 54320 Maxéville


Featured products


Radiation Protection services

Accompanying your medical imaging center for more performance and workers security.

Medical physics services

To improve the treatment of the patient through a reduced exposition without losing the quality of the X-ray image.

Quality control in radiation protection

Quality controls, inspections of x-ray and nuclear medicine equipment and scanners.

Training courses

Radiation protection training courses

Training courses in the protection of workers and patients exposed to ionising radiation.

Training courses to be Radiation Safety Officer

Training courses to be Radiation Safety Officer in your health care facility.

Quality training courses

Learn more about quality management with our online training courses.

Digital management solution


App helping you and your health care facility guarantee the security of exposed workers and patients.