Cair LGL

Cair LGL manufactures and markets single-use sterile medical devices for nutrition, infusion, chemotherapy, suction and ventilation.


For over 30 years, Cair LGL has been developing, designing and manufacturing sterile single-use medical devices. Cair LGL offers you solutions for secure and standard infusion, chemotherapy, nutrition and suction-ventilation.

Cair LGL is a subsidiary of the CAIR Group, an international group specialising in the medical sector. A major player in the field of medical devices, CAIR LGL designs, produces and distributes complete ranges of safe and innovative products for hospitals and healthcare professionals. Since 1987, the company has experienced rapid growth, gaining a strong position on the French and international markets, with the support of its subsidiaries and distributors present in over 60 countries.


Parc Tertiaire de Bois Dieu 1, Allée des Chevreuils

+33 (0)4 78 43 77 44

[email protected]

Featured products


Bidirectional valve Neutraclear™

The NeutraClear™ needleless bidirectional valve is a transparent closed system ensuring neutrality of movement and prevention of catheter infection risks.

The NeutraClear™ bidirectional valve is designed to…

Dosicair Flow Regulator

The DOSICAIR regulator is inserted between a perfuser and the vein puncture system.

It allows to increase the precision and the regularity of the infusions without pretending to replace an infusion pump.

Coextruded PE/PVC extension lines

Cair LGL offers a wide range of extension lines in PE/PVC, a material which limits interaction between drugs and PVC thus ensuring more effective treatment and patient safety.


Enteral feeding tubes with ENFit

Nasogastric tubes suitable for neonatology and paediatrics and for adults. Cair LGL offers a wide range of products with Charriere size and lengths to suit clinical applications.

Nutricair™ Enteral syringes with ENFit

Nutricair™ Enteral syringes are transparent, with double graduation for 5ml, 10ml, 20ml, 50ml capacities, ENFit female tip, and ENFit low dose female tip for 1ml and 2.5ml syringes.

Centred tip for syringes 1…

Nutricair™ Enteral nutrition accessories with ENFit

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