CliniSciences produces, markets and distributes reagents for diagnostic, medical and scientific research.


CliniSciences Group is a French distributor of reagents for scientific research and medical diagnosis. They support more than 350,000 customers on a daily basis through their 130 employees in 15 countries.

CliniSciences has over 40 years experience in the field of oncology diagnostics with a wide range of in vitro diagnostic products.

CliniSciences' objective is to contribute to the development of scientific innovation in the world by participating in the promotion of inventions from laboratories, particularly in the field of oncology. A major operation in 2022 was the acquisition of Oncomedics by CliniSciences group. Oncomedics has developed an in vitro diagnostic medical device in oncology, the Oncogramme®, that helps oncologists to choose the best cancer treatment.


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Functional assay for personalized medicine in Oncology

The Oncogramme® predicts the anti-cancer activity of existing drugs by testing them directly on a patient’s operated tumour. Their efficacy is evaluated on a sample of this tumour ex vivo, using an approach com…