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French development engineering consulting company entirely dedicated to the health and social sectors and focused on international assignments


Conseil Santé is a fully independent private consulting, subsidiary of SOFRECO (Société Française de Réalisation, d’Études et de Conseil). Since its foundation in 1987, Conseil Santé has completed more than 380 projects worldwide, funded by bilateral and multilateral funding agencies, including the World Bank, the European Union, GIZ, USAID, DFID, among others. It has acquired a wide range of experience and built skills recognized by all its international partners. Conseil Santé is currently involved in numerous projects and studies striving to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. Since its creation and its integration into the SOFRECO group in 1997, Conseil Santé’s turnover has steadily increased. This growth can mainly be explained by the trusted and professional relationships we have founded with our clients, with the beneficiaries of our services, and with our leading experts who always have in-depth experience in their specialithese include:

§ health system strengthening and capacity building (training health human resources),

§ health policy and strategies,

§ primary health care and health facility improvements and optimization,

§ quality of health services,

§ health financing and national health accounts

§ social protection

§ addressing gender‐based violence

§ project management (design, launch, implementation, planning, coordination, M&E, reporting)zed fields.

Conseil Santé as a subsidiary of SOFRECO joined the Ginger Group on 10 January 2023. The Ginger Group is the leading provider of prescription engineering services in France, offering its expertise to all players in construction, development and sustainable development. By joining the Ginger Group, SOFRECO and Conseil Santé will contribute their know-how and expertise acquired over more than 45 years in official development assistance and industrial project support around the world. The integration of SOFRECO and Conseil Santé enables Ginger to strengthen its internationalisation and create a new business line dedicated to official development assistance engineering (the Group was already active in the environment and health sectors), alongside the existing construction and environment business lines. For more information, please visit the website:


92-98 Boulevard Victor Hugo, 92110 Clichy

+33 (0)1 55 46 92 60

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Private consulting services

Conseil Santé is currently involved in many projects where the company applies its concept of service for the sustainable development of the beneficiary country. Technical assistance, consulting, training, project st…