Dessintey develops and markets intensive rehabilitation technologies to accelerate recovery and ensure greater patient quality of life.


Our mission is to assist patients throughout their healing and rehabilitation journey.

Our technological solutions aim at increasing, diversifying and personalizing their daily therapy program from the moment they join the rehabilitation center until they return at home.

Dessintey relies on the latest scientific evidence in neuroscience and on its close contact with therapists and doctors to offer simple and efficient technologies.


Parc Technologique Métrotech - Bât. 6, 42650 Saint-Jean-Bonnefonds, FRANCE

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Featured products


IVS3 (Intensive Visual Simulation) for upper limbs

Vision plays an essential role in the early stages of reconstructing body image and motor control. With an intense immersion, IVS allows the patient to reintegrate a healthy functional limb and to focus on the represe…


IVS4 (Intensive Visual Simulation) for lower limbs

Adapted to wheelchairs, the IVS4 allows patients to work seated to learn basic movements and more complex coordination, then in a standing position, to focus on a functional approach to balance and walking.


SRT5 (Self-Rehabilitation Technology)

Fun, stimulating space to encourage self-rehabilitation for patients and reduce inactivity in health establishments