DMS Imaging

DMS Imaging is a French high-tech company specialized in medical imaging diagnostics


DMS Imaging is a French high-tech company based in the south of France specialized in medical imaging diagnostics. With more than 30 years of experience, the brands that make up DMS Imaging: Apelem, DMS, AXS Medical and Medilink offer a complete range of innovative solutions in radiology, bone densitometry, stereo-radiography and posturology, all of which are adapted to the demands of the global marketplace. Our network of over 120 distributors in over 140 countries all across the globe as well as subsidiaries and joint-ventures, contribute to the international dimension of the quality of our products. DMS Imaging generates 85% of our turnover through the exportation market.


9 Avenue du Canal Philippe Lamour 30660 Gallargues-le-Montueux (FRANCE)

+33 (0)4 66 29 09 07 / +33 (0)4 67 50 49 00

Featured products


Platinum Neo

A smart solution that revolutionizes the R/F workflow! Our brand new remote-controlled table radiology, Platinum Neo is our most recent solution.


The Optima benefits from all the knowledge developed for the Platinum making it a high-performance, efficient system adaptable to all types of budgets.


ADAM is the new R/F software suite specifically designed to be a modern and efficient tool for imaging experts.

Bone Densiometry


A complete DXA solution that assists experts in the diagnosis of fracture risk and

the analysis of body composition.

Stratos dR

STRATOS DR uses 2D Fan Beam technology to combine performance with speed for bone density measurements.


3D-DXA is a breakthrough technology that uses routine BMD images to modelize a 3D image of the femur.



The technology BIOMOD™3S combines optic information about back morphology with a radiographic image of the spine (stitching) to yield a 3D reconstruction of the vertebral column. With absolutely no additional dose c…


BIOMOD MI offers a 3D model of lower limbs in a functional standing position.The non-invasive optical BIOMOD technology, couples two standard frontal and sagittal radiographs with optical acquisitions of the lower lim…