EDM (Euro Diffusion Médicale)

Medical equipement provider


EDM Imaging is a French leading provider of medical imaging equipment. For more than 30 years, the company has been a major partner of healthcare institutions, hospitals, clinics, doctors’ offices and health centers. More than 7000 references dedicated to medical imaging such as ultrasound gel, probe covers for superficial and endocavity ultrasound probes, biopsy needle guides, disinfection and protection solutions for medical equipment.

Our sales team made up of 14 sales representatives dispatched throughout France is responsible for supporting doctors as closely as possible with solutions tailored to their needs.

Since 2017, the company has a subsidiary located in Miami that covers the North and South American continents.


1 Rue des Boisseliers, 95330 Domont

+33 1 30 11 83 00

Featured products


C-Arm Covers

Protective cover for C-Arm machine. Allows the sterile field to be maintained when introducing non-sterile equipment into a sterile room.

Microscope Covers

A large range of covers tailored to each microscope. Made of polyethylene, a non-allergenic and resistant material.

Probe Covers

Ultrasound probe covers for superficial, endocavity and TEE probes. All available in different sizes, latex or latex-free, either sterile or not.


Digital Radiography Systems

Detector for DR system that captures and converts X-ray into fully digital radiological images displayed on a console without handling

X-ray Cassettes & Equipment

CR equipment for digital radiography to retrieve X-ray on dedicated cassettes then displayed on a dedicated console.


High resolution laser reprography equipment for printing radiological images in healthcare institutions.

Surgical Imaging

Needle Guides

Many ultrasound needle guides and bracelets to choose from. Each type of guide is available in different versions to fit the probe used.


Biopsy equipment dedicated to sample collection. Many references including biopsy device, needles and accessories.

Radiation Protection

Radiation protection equipment designed to ensure the safety of doctors, medical staff and imaging practitioners during X-ray procedures.