Solutions for the preservation, preparation, presentation and autopsy of bodies


EIHF, a French manufacturer, has been specializing in the preservation of corpses for almost 50 years. It manufactures and supplies equipment for mortuaries (hospitals), funerals (funeral home) and forensic medicine (IML). EIHF markets a whole range of products and instruments for embalming people, and hygiene and protection products for its users, under the brand name ISOFROID.


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Featured products

Bodies conservation

Conservation Cell 4 bodies with big door, expandable to 5

Positive cold temperature for preservation of bodies at +4°c: T° range -5°c to +10°c, 60 mm thick panels, free passage door (H x W) 220 x 80 cm with 180° opening to the left or to the right, All lacquered PET55µ…

Electric forklift

All stainless steel 304 brushed stainless steel finish. 24V waterproof (no to pressurized water jetting) battery with a great autonomy (about 100 cycles up/down) – A 230V cord allows its recharge (about 3 hours). A …

Embalming arterial fluid

Arterial fluid of conservation Index 26, cardinal red color, perfumed with essential oils of citronella. This fluid can be used in all cases by varying its concentration. It is used at a dilution of 190 to 210 ml per …

Bodies preparation and presentation

ISOCART® trolley for toilet and stretcher care with safely adjustable height

Cart specially adapted for body washing, conservation care, to avoid the operator to inhale the harmful odors and vapors from the body. With integration of the stretcher, adapted to the care of conservation, in confor…

Presentation Cooling Table

For the presentation of the body in the funeral or mortuary room, very quiet (sound level 42 dB). Table made of stainless steel 304 L 10/10° with ABS frame and 4 swivel wheels of Ф 75mm, 2 of which with brake, 22° …

Mobile preparation table for bodies with tilt

Made of 304 stainless steel, mounted on 30 x 30mm base with 4 wheels of Ф 10 cm, 2 of which have brakes (in order to block the table during handling). It is equipped with a manually operated hydraulic cylinder, allow…

Autopsy workstation

Autopsy table, central foot, ventilated and variable height

Table made of stainless steel 316, with variable height 73 to 103 cm. 1 worktop of 20/10° thickness, smooth without holes, equipped with a permanent rinsing system adjustable in flow. The top is slightly inclined and…

Treatment unit for the treatment and neutralization of wastewater from the mortuary or autopsy department

The project consists in supplying and installing a treatment unit to treat and neutralize the wastewater from the mortuary service. The process implemented will be chemical under the principle of the action of sodium …

Illuminated blowing plenum for autopsy table

Made of stainless steel 304, thickness 15/10° brushed finish grain 220 equipped with LED lights, adjustable deflectors, 4 LED lights of T° 4000K and Power 40W each. Included : Blowing nozzles on 2 rows and arranged …