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Psychologists for french expatriates and overseas territories


Feel Better is the leading network of psychologists for French expatriates and overseas territories. Our platform offers 24/7 online consultations in French with experienced practitioners. We provide individual, couple, family, and child and adolescent therapy. Our services include personalized support for culture shock, homesickness, and relationship issues. With regulated rates and complete confidentiality, Feel Better helps expatriates better navigate their experience abroad without time zone constraints


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Featured products


Adult sessions

Consultations conducted by experienced psychologists contracted with Feel Better, available 24/7. Methods include: analytical therapy, CBT, integrative approaches, hypnosis. Treatment for various conditions.

Children and teenagers sessions

Consultations conducted by psychologists specialized in childhood and adolescence, contracted with Feel Better 24/7. Issues and disorders covered include: parent or sibling conflicts, emotional distress, anxiety, eati…

Parents & couples sessions

Parenting support and couples therapy by psychologists contracted with Feel Better 24/7. Issues include parenting challenges, family dynamics, divorce or separation, single or trailing spouses, and marital difficultie…