Fondation Hopale

Private non-profit healthcare provider, specialized in the treatment of musculoskeletal and neurological disorders


The Hopale Foundation is a leading healthcare operator consisting of 15 healthcare facilities located in northern France. The group is highly specialised in the treatment of osteoarticular and neurological pathologies, disabilities and chronic diseases.

Our institution offers global and multidisciplinary solutions ranging from diagnosis, medical and surgical treatment to rehabilitation.

The main goal of the Hopale Foundation is to deliver high-quality, personalized and secure care, in order to improve the well-being of patients and users, and optimize their autonomy potential.

The international strategy of the Hopale Foundation relies on 3 pillars :international patients, medical training and academic bridges, and the management of international projects.


FONDATION HOPALE, Rue du Docteur Calot, 62600 BERCK

+33 3 21 89 40 87

[email protected]

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Discover the international care offer of the Hopale Foundation.

The following departments are opened to international patients :

Orthopedic Surgery (adults & children), Neurosurgery, Plastic & R…