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50 years of excellence in medical gas systems


For 50 years, GPF has been supporting healthcare institutions in France and worldwide in managing their medical gas networks. We provide comprehensive services, from production facilities (oxygen, air, vacuum) to point-of-use outlets in medical departments: auditing, installation, maintenance, emergency troubleshooting, medical remote monitoring, 24/7 on-call service, medical equipment sales, and certified training.

With our unparalleled expertise in medical fluid networks gained over 50 years of experience, and the unwavering loyalty of our teams, we offer hospitals and clinics a unique level of service, along with complete independence in our advice, always serving the best interests of our clients.

Our passionate team of 40 employees, spread across two agencies, serves our 1000 clients with utmost dedication, prioritizing the needs of our contracted clients who appreciate our responsiveness and professionalism.


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Featured products

Medical gas piping systems

Installation of medical gas piping systems

Medical gas piping systems are classified as Class IIb medical devices according to European regulations, as medical gases are considered medicinal products.

To ensure compliance, the installation of these syst…

Maintenance & emergency repairs of medical gas piping systems

As a Class IIb medical device, medical gas piping systems are subject to regulatory maintenance requirements, which can be carried out internally or outsourced.

With our 50 years of expertise, we offer comprehe…

Maintenance & emergency repairs of medical gas production equipment

Medical gas networks extend from the production center to the wall outlets: we ensure the sizing, installation, and maintenance of your production centers.

To improve your environmental impact, do you produce y…

Auditing & training

Auditing your medical gas systems

Regulations and technology have evolved significantly in recent years. To ensure the safety of your patients at all times, consult our auditors for a compliance report on your installation and advice on optimizing it.…

Certified training for your technical and caring staffs

There are many stakeholders involved in hospital medical fluid networks, ranging from technical services to pharmacists, and including healthcare personnel who use the outlets on a daily basis.

Our certified tr…

Sale of medical equipment

As experts in medical gas networks since 1976, we have established partnerships with numerous suppliers across all types of associated equipment.

Contact us for any inquiries, and we will share our 50 years of …