Groupe Icare

Healthcare Product Safety Expert


Icare is an independent laboratory and service provider specializing in the fields of microbiology and contamination control.

Icare’s role is to guarantee to its clients that the devices and/or manufactured products they market are in line with the market’s regulatory requirements and standards.

To meet its clients’ needs, Icare offers a wide range of services in the fields of product analysis, contamination control, monitoring, qualification of facilities, etc.

Icare is a global group with several sites in France and abroad : in Saint-Beauzire near Clermont-Ferrand (head office), in Martillac near Bordeaux (BioTox Unit), in Switzerland and also in Brazil. Icare has agents in Evreux, Toulouse and Strasbourg to meet all its clients’ requirements as effectively as possible.

Icare has over 1,800 clients in more than 40 countries.

Icare adopts a quality approach to ensure that its whole organization and all its processes meet two needs: total compliance with regulatory requirements and client satisfaction by providing clients with services in line with their expectations.


Biopôle Clermont Limagne 63360 SAINT-BEAUZIRE

+33 (4) 73 33 99 99

[email protected]

Featured products

A comprehensive, personalized range of services carried out 100% at our French sites

Biocompatibility & Toxicology / Biological and Toxicological Safety of Medical Devices

Biocompatibility assessment of medical devices, from the drafting of the biological evaluation report (BER) to the performance of tests under Good Laboratory Practices (GLP). Performance of GLP tests for the evaluatio…

Standard and customized laboratory testing

Putting ICARE’s core business into practice with controlled testing.

Microbiological analysis including bioburden testing, sterility testing, endotoxin determination, particle measurement, challenge testi…

Validation & qualification

Guiding clients in their Qualification / Validation procedures to help them prove that their processes are under control.

Process validation
Equipment qualification
Clean room control

Service offer


Our goal is to guide, inform and train clients, giving them a 360° vision of their projects.

Technical assistance
Monitoring and regulatory surveillance

Formation / Training

The ICARE Group is an approved training center and offers training face-to-face on its premises or on site (depending on your needs) as well as online (remote training). Icare is an approved training center and certif…

Webicare: the monthly appointment of our experts

WebIcare: every month, a new theme addressed by our teams of experts! Agenda, replay on our website: WebIcare section

Methods & Developpement

M&D Unit

Ensuring a proactive response to innovative requests and offering a unique structure specifically managing non-routine testing projects.

Biological Indicators

Biological indicators: the best way to control sterilization and decontamination processes. Icare BIs are test systems containing viable microorganisms (spores) guaranteeing a defined resistance to a specified process…

Research and Development

Icare is a proactive company ready to face up to societal and scientific changes. With the development of the Research & Development Unit, the Group aims for continuous improvement in order to meet the expectation…