Territorial concentrator and health data distributor


MedDataSuite proprietary solution to transform territorial health data management

AUTONOMOUS: each actor remains sovereign, INCREASED URBANIZATION by Real time +++ / Real Life Data integration. Product optimization of e pathway / Permit prediction in (risks, prevention, alerts,...) and supply chain, /

FEDERATIVE: SEAMLESS INTEROPERABILITY & SHARED ARCHITECTURE for WEB services and USES . Data sharing are standardized (zero footprint): intended for all healthcare territorial stakeholders Hospitals – clinics – CPTS – Pharmacy – Nursing homes...

USES: RLD Medico-economic: medical performance (effectiveness) and financial performance (efficiency) / E health: telemedicine (teleradiology, teleconsultations – expertise – assistance), DMP, DP, CRM/PRM / Epidemiology: health links and socio-economic conditions, geomatics, / Research: inclusions, analyses to generate hypotheses, HdH links: 4P medicine: personalized care, alerts,....


18 Rue Edgard Glady, 33140 Villenave-d'Ornon

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Concentrate data outside production softwares


Concentrator : collects, transforms, pre structures, stores, publishes health data for uses

Uses: e hospitals pathways, e territories pathways, hospital management and organization and professional territories…


For decision-makers and actors in local solution compliance : security, patient consent, ethical rules for uses, privacy by design.

Adaptated warm up to each Hospital or GHT of the EDS CNIL standards and Euro…