An extensive and comprehensive solution provider in in vitro diagnostics


HORIBA provides an extensive and comprehensive line of hematology, hemostasis, and clinical chemistry solutions (including analyzers, reagents, and consumables) for use in in vitro diagnostics.

Proven quality and trustworthy performance have established widespread confidence in the HORIBA brand.

Today, more than 30,000 laboratories are using HORIBA’s solutions around the world.


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Featured products

Hematology Analyzer

HELO 2.0

HELO 2.0 offers a flexible and efficient modular hematology solution that is scalable with many possible configurations for mid to large laboratories.

Yumizen H2500 / Yumizen H1500

Yumizen H2500 and Yumizen H1500 automated hematology analyzers process 120 samples an hour for CBC-DIFF, NRBC, with up to 56 parameters.

Yumizen H550 / Yumizen H500

HORIBA’s affordable hematology solutions for small-mid laboratories include the Yumizen H550 with autoloader and the Yumizen H500 in open and closed tube versions.

Hemostasis Analyzer

Yumizen G1550h / Yumizen G1500h

Automate d’hémostase compact pour les laboratoires cliniques de moyenne à grande activité, comprenant la vérification de l’intégrité avancée de l’échantillon pré-analytique (A-PSI).

Yumizen G850h / Yumizen G800h

Fully automated, benchtop hemostasis analyzer including Advanced Pre-Analytical Sample Integrity (A-PSI) for laboratories with mid-size workloads.

Yumizen G400

Compact 4-channel instrument designed for small laboratories to perform coagulation screening.

Clinical Chemistry Analyzer

Yumizen C560

A standalone floor model analyzer, offering many high-end features typically found only in large integrated systems, the perfect workhorse paired with POINTE reagents for mid-size laboratories.

Yumizen C240

A compact solution with full walk-away capabilities and advanced features for small-mid size laboratories, paired with high-quality POINTE reagents.

Yumizen C230

The Yumizen C230 clinical chemistry analyzer paired with POINTE reagents provides you with reliable test results. A compact solution with advanced user-friendly features.