Innovative tailor-made post-mortem solutions


With its recognised technical know-how, the Hygeco Group is the trusting partner for hospitals, medical universities, anatomy and pathology laboratories, forensic institutes, and veterinary centres. Bringing together two renowned brands, Hygeco and Funeralia, the Group offers innovative and tailor-made solutions that meet the requirements in terms of safety and ergonomics of each operator.

From autopsy tables to cold rooms and macroscopy stations, the Hygeco Group has an extensive product portfolio of customized equipment for your hospital or laboratory.


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Featured products

Autopsy & forensic medecine

Ventilated autopsy tables

Made of stainless steel with circumferential downdraft extraction and removable roller track system. Optionally with electric height adjustment and/or rotating tabletop.

Accessories for autopsy & forensic medicine

Autopsy instrument sets, organ scales, organ cutting tables, autopsy saws, body supports….

Morgue (cold rooms & trolleys)

Tailor-made cold chambers with different opening options. Different locking systems with access control (RFID tag, keypad, fingerprint…) and centralized real time monitoring system (capacity, temperature…) availab…

Pathological anatomy

Grossing stations

Equipped with a worktop with non-perforated and removable plates with downdraft ventilation through a circumferential rim for a more effective suction of pollutants.

Laboratory fume hoods

Custom-designed, ventilated enclosure with stainless-steel work-top to limit user exposure to toxic vapors while handling toxic substances.

Supply and disposal systems for formalin and solvents

Hygeco offers standalone systems, which can be mounted individually at various workplaces, as well as complex supply and disposal units, which are connected to a central pipe network.


Anatomy tables

With body transfer system to allow ergonomic handling of bodies from the admission to the dissection without repositioning. Circumferential downdraft extraction available.

Air inlet element

With integrated LED lighting, it is installed above the table for optimal user protection through a laminar flow. Suitable and recommended in combination with all our autopsy and anatomy tables.

Immersion storage tanks

Designed for 1 up to 6 cadavers and made entirely of stainless steel (AISI 304 or AISI 316). Operated by an integrated hydraulic lifter or an external provided suspension crane.